Monday, April 28, 2014

Hotel Review - Alam Puri Art Museum Resort and Spa

Bali is a haven for surfers in Asia. As soon as we passed the airport, my husband and I realized how big the store apparels of surfing brands they have in there, they even outlets with big discounts! 


This is what we did on the day we first laid eyes of Bali. After we checked-in, we asked the driver who fetched us from the airport, whom I forgot the name (I'm sorry). He was very friendly and gives us a lot of information on everything we ask. Anyway, we asked him to take us to the stores and gladly we were able to check out 3 different buildings that caters brands like Quiksilver, Billabong, Reef, Hurley, Volcom, a few accessories from Dakine and Ripcurl. Volcom didn't look authentic though, the designs looked fake to me as well as the textures of the cloth, it was rough and threadbare.


It wasn't actually shopping when we only bought 4 pieces, right? Sorry, its all a good story, I didn't take my camera with me.


As I was saying, we checked-in late at the hotel. The hotel is located at the heart of Ubud. 

The front desk speaks good English. They're good listeners and they make sure they understood what you are trying to say before you leave.


My husband wanted this hotel because of its mini pool outside the room, they call this room a pool villa. The pool is about 3m-deep and a very nice place to soak in for an ultimate body relaxation. Aside from the mini pool, it has offered a big discount too, about 60% with a pretty much helpful reviews from previous customers. 


The hotel for me is a basic balinese-themed hotel. Located in the middle of nowhere. The land just beside the hotel are small rice terraces. The rooms are spacious and has a comfortable bed. The staff changes the towels and bedsheets everyday. Just one thing I didn't like about the room is the throw pillows they're putting on our bed whenever they clean the room. I hated the smell so bad, it smelled like an old cloth with decades of dust. For the 4 nights we stayed at the hotel, I had to literally throw the pillows on the floor. The air condition gives off a nice cold temperature but also has  noise that is tolerable.  

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We were served with fresh juice when we arrived and its the best drink we had in the island. They had mixed fruits served, right now it cannot fathom what fruits were in those glass since my mind was so busy telling my tongue that it beats all the fruit juices I have ever tasted. Not to exaggerate but the fruit juice is really the best. You can get it all free, provided you purchased breakfast on your check-in. The food, is okay. Small serving, but we only eat there during breakfast so, its not much to think of. You can choose from local food and American. Local ones is of Indonesian porridge, noodles and nasi goreng. While American is the usual served with bacon, egg and bread, their croissants are good too!

It goes very quite at night with the lights dimmed. The surrounding might be eerie for people who are not used to a country/province life. To us, it wasn't a problem at all. We enjoyed less people at the hotel since there's too much people outside already. A little bit or privacy won't hurt when you decide you dive in the pool at night time. 

The place is pollution free. Fresh air is in abundance and greenery is revealed once you're out.

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