Saturday, April 19, 2014

River Cruise, Bangkok

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Seeking for a nice dining experience on our last night in the city, I decided to get a river cruise package since my mother has been eager to experience one. The tour promises Thailand's 3 iconic sceneries to be seen while cruising: Chao Praya River, Bangkok's pride, its temples and the Ayutthaya, an ancient capital. 

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The tour also includes a car that will take us from and to the hotel so nothing to worry about if you have your folks with you. My father even refused to tag along since his legs was in pain again. We managed to talk him out of it, he took his meds and believing it was just a 2-hour cruise, plus the waiting time that only took us half an hour. Good thing, he enjoyed a time well spent over a dinner and the nice places of this attraction.

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You need to go through a mall and at the back end, whereas a facade can be seen. This is where you will see people crowding over a waiting line to be seated at their respective boats or should they call it, a modern luxury cruiser. I thought it was only one boat catering the tourist attraction. I just found out that a couple of companies offers the same dining activity at night. 

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The river isn't that clean but I don't think I remember a bad smell in the surrounding. There were water spinach-like leaves with stems in the water. A few plastics that was thrown over and the water is of the same color as of Manila's baywalk. 
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We just watched over people roaming around until our boat parked at a designated loading area. It was the last destination for our tour guide so she waited for us until we get into the boat and bid goodbye. 

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We were greeted by staffs as we stepped through the upper deck of the boat. The tables were arranged nicely in clean white cloth with a also a white linen on top. Seemed like a fancy dinner table you see in the movies, only a little bit crowded. We were served with a bubblegum blue colored drinks, it tasted good though. Extra charge will be applied to anything you order out of the table like liquors; real wine, beer, and scotch. The variety of food served was overwhelming. They all tasted good, I just don't eat the curry.

The cruise went all well, seeing the attractions we passed by was relaxing. They even have a band playing while you eat. The singer was a Filipina guessing by the accent when she speaks good English. Two hours passed, and we found ourselves back in the car on our way to the hotel.

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