Friday, May 30, 2014

Beratan Lake, Bedugul - Bali on Day 4

Our itinerary is set early at 6:15 AM. We woke up about 5:30 AM. The driver was already at the lobby by the time we reached the area. We were on time, as well as the requested breakfast on the go. The destination is Gitgit area where the famous waterfalls is 2 hours away from the hotel. It was a boring ride at its first hour but the next hour became an interesting as we ascended into the mountain - 1000 meters above sea level north of the island. 


The driver told us we were early so we have time for a short sight-seeing. We could've made it to the strawberry field but we felt helpless when we realized its already out of the budget. Beratan is a lake situation in a mountain, how cool is that? Speaking of cool, since we arrived early it was 15 degree Celsius up there. Since we didn't expect the stopover, Jr and I were just wearing board shorts and rash guards. It was chilling and the surrounding was swallowed by smog. 


The low temperature didn't stop us to drift our curious eyes. We decided to walk it off and we scouted the whole area. There were a couple of temples in the area, a playground and a restaurant too. This is amongst the tourist spots so entrance fee is mandatory.


The traditional boats are used for canoeing. They also offer banana boating, water skiing, and fishing activities.

GOPR0848GOPR0842                     GOPR0843

                       *** Only GoPro photos on this trip, we're on our way up to the mountain to canyon.
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