Saturday, May 24, 2014

Dreamland - Bali, Indonesia

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Vocabulary for you: Bli = means brother in Balinese. Its one of the words we learned there (I can only remember two now),  a cab driver was the one who taught us since he thought Uncle was age-inappropriate for him. I'm going to call the driver bli since their names are hard to remember. 


This place wasn't drawn in the itinerary route. Bli decided to take us here since it's still early for our last destination -- the Uluwatu Temple.  Dreamland is located at the New Kuta Beach Rd. The path is like a private subdivision only the roads are larger. Bli said it is co-owned by their second president. There were unfinished establishments. He said its about 14 years in the making, it still not finished by the way. He said they're having issues on getting the permits for approval necessary to finish the whole location. We passed by large walls with advertisements on a project of a luxury hotel and a couple of residential building projects. 


We headed to a parking lot. Bli parked the car and instructed us to go ride the shuttle service. The shuttle service come and go every 5 minutes. We passed another row of establishments selling souvenirs. Mostly clothing and sunglasses. I loved the crowd there because I can feel the active beat of people riding on their surfboards. The crowd was ecstatic. Some are resting on a bench. Some were running around. And a lot were having a good time surfing. There were no surf lesson signage. I believe people there are born surfers. 

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I failed on these photos, colour cast was pretty bad so I had to convert to B&W and because I thought it would be easier than editing coloured ones.

Jr and I took some photos, the view was amazing. The waves are big. This is the location where I have the least photographs taken since we were in a hurry. I wanted to extend a little bit more as we intend to head to climb a cliff. But there were no time. Its passed 5:30pm, and we are headed to our last destination of the day.
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Rea Alducente said...

Hi Kat! You have the perfect reason to blog because you take wonderful photos!! I love travel blogs because I'm a frustrated traveler (you know the perks of a working mom with a toddler), lol! And Bali is just one of those in my bucket list of places to visit! BTW, I really thought you're the same Kat de la Cruz I know, haha. And when I read your comment that we're probably from the same company before you left, I was thinking she was pretending not to know me because we were even team mates (but that was already her maiden name). Haha just saying! Looking forward to read more from you!

Katherine Tampoco-de la Cruz said...

Hey Rea! At least now hindi nga pala tlaga ako yun hehe! Thank you so much for dropping by and for the nice words. Late last year ko lang tlaga kina-career to but I hope na mag grow. You can always travel if you want to, mas masaya nga may kasamang makulit. Kaya mo yan, book a flight now!
Looking forward for your inspirational thoughts too. Cheers!

TheMissusV said...

Oh wow! I have always wanted to see Bali! It's on my bucket list and I will kill my husband if he doesn't take me there within the next 2 years! Ok, not really kill him but he will not hear the end of it! Thank you for sharing this at the Whatever Wednesday blog hop! Pinning this to my Bucketlist board!