Monday, May 19, 2014

Tanah Lot - Bali, Indonesia


Its was our third day on the island. We were excited to go sight-seeing this day because of the promising temple of Tanah Lot online.

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Tanah Lot is of the many famous temples in Indonesia. This may not be your ordinary temple because it is built on a rock offshore. Its meaning -- land in the sea. The sun was striking bright when we alighted the rented car. A small shrine with 2 balinese women dancing statues along its side. As we walked passed the shrine, there is a station where we need to purchase the entrance tickets. If I remember it right, it costs about 30,000 IDR = 3.30SGD = 115Php. We passed along numerous art ensembles. Paintings and sculptures. The main path to the temple is a street packed with stores selling souvenirs, shirts, trinkets and food. 

The temple can be seen when you approach its main gate. We had to pass two gigantic walls arched gates to the temple. The scene is absolutely stunning though it could've been a better view without too much crowd in the picture. The waves were not too friendly when we arrived in the morning. The ocean waves are crushing rough on the rocks while the tourists were pretty much enjoying taking their selfies having the temple as their background. 

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We tried to roam around nearby the cliff. Its a good thing Jr is always curious about places and has always wanted to explore every inch of a hectare. We didn't have a map but he opted to climb up a path to a great view for lunch. The establishments there seems to be having a slow day despite of the over crowding tourists. I bet they haven't find a way to this fortress. We consumed more than 30 minutes for our lunch. I enjoyed every wind that blew my hair up there even though the sun still gives off outstanding heat.

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After a couple of clicks with my camera, we decided to walk through the amazing Hindu maze. There were small temples as we followed the unyielding path with ==> signage. The left side shows the Indian Ocean with strong waves as it strikes the shore. I took as much photos as I could. It was my first time using my new toys: filters, filter rings and holders. They all seemed perfect when viewed in the camera but I pretty much got disappointed of the outcome when I viewed in a larger screen. There's always a first time. I promise, landscapes will be better.

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There were sunset signs in there but we didn't make it to sunset as we chose to see the sun bid goodbye in Uluwatu. As we reached the end, its time to head back to find the car to our next destination. 

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