Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Toys for Men

I've seen men going crazy over this men's barbie depicting mecha in Gundam series. You say you're looking for a challenge? So you want something complicated than building Legoland? 

DSC_1322 copy

If I had the extra moolah I would've spared some. I would've love doing the scraping, airbrushing and painting colors on its body parts for a full armor unicorn gundam. The assembly has made men gaga just like tracing lines a girl drew on a white bond paper for a paperdoll's new dress. Middle aged men have forgotten to fetch their girlfriends from work. Others have forgotten to caress their game fowls over the plastic parts and some have already forgotten they have a child to attend to while mom was busy mixing baby's milk. 

DSC_1324 copy


I was exaggerating. I didn't know what to write.

I hope you enjoy checking out these 4 gundam models I borrowed from Mark.

Nu Gundam, Sazabi, Sinanju Stein, and RX-178 MK-2.

DSC_1317 copy
DSC_1315 copyDSC_1308 copyDSC_1290 copy

          DSC_1304 copy  DSC_1301 copy

DSC_1291 copy

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