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Father's Day Gift Suggestion

June 15, 2014

This year's Big day for your Dad is on the 15th! Para sa inyong mahal na Ama, Tatay, Papa, Daddy, Dada at Dudi. This is an attempt to make a gift-guide if you haven't decided what your gift is. I am no expert to this but maybe you'll get an idea on what may your perfect gift to your Dad be.

I will be suggesting cheaper things so you won't be hurting your pockets on this day.

5. Clothing. 
Nothing could ever be more overrated than mugs. This is yet my most gifts I have given to my father (I believe?). I'm not sure why I always end up getting him a shirt or a denim/pants? Maybe its way too easy to choose and its cheaper.
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4. Watch
If you have a working Dad, always busy and in a hurry. This has the best potential for him. Time to get your Dad a new watch. You don't need to buy a Tissot, unless you can afford one.
Kemmner Tonneau dress watch
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3. Fitbit Zip. Activity Monitor Pedometers.
Health is wealth! To your health conscious Dad or even to those who are trying to live an active life, this thing is useful to monitor activities such as calorie and steps.  I got this baby for 79SGD or less than 3000 PHP. 

Google Fitbit if you have more than $79. There's added features to every Fitbit version you want like One, Ultra and Flex. Its lightweight and you don't need any programming to use it. Just put in the battery and you're ready to roll. If you want to check up on Dad if he did his morning jog, install the Fitbit App in your mobile and sync in via Bluetooth.

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2. Greeting Card.
Hey Kids, when was the last time you made a greeting card? Time to get your colored papers and scissors out! Ask Mom to help too!


1. Greeting+ Power Hug.
Greet your dad with your overly thrilled voice. Sometimes, there's no need for these material things, after all, there's no better way to express your love to him. Action speaks louder than words but then again, I knew you have to utter the words when you hug your Dad. 
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Okay, maybe not too tight or melodramatic as this photo.

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  There, this one is better!

Celebrate on your own grandest way.
Happy Father's Day to all the fathers and soon to be fathers around the globe!
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