Tuesday, June 3, 2014

GWK - Bali, Indonesia

I thought I had last 3 entries to fill in. I forgot that I still have 1 more to go including this entry. I forgot that we had one last stop before we headed to Uluwatu temple to catch the sunset. After we hurriedly climbed back up to get into the first shuttle bus, we found Bli chillin' like a boss with his cigarette under a tree. He threw it off without finishing so we could start the ride. Before we finally headed out New Kuta Road, I asked bli If I could get a closer picture of the gate statue of the Garuda. He didn't object and he immediately parked the card in front of it, but, as soon as I pressed my shutter the second time, a security guard came running towards us. I thought he is about to catch me for taking a photo. Then I realized he was approaching bli to let him know parking is not allowed in there. Haha! We jumped into the car and off we went.


Garuda Wisnu Kencana Statue or GWK. This is a cultural park where you will spot the huge statue of the Lord Wisnu and the mythical creature, Garuda. We were quite withdrawn on what to see in this place. We thought it was just another crowded place with just another temple and statue but for the sake of discovering the place, we hurriedly went to the ticketing window and paid for two tickets albeit the unforgiving sun.

Mandatory tourist photo! Excuse the plastic milk tea cup.

There was a small construction on going when we visited the place. The 240-hectare land was once told to be abandoned. The unique feature of this park was the entrance is located at the bottom and there were like 3 paths on its way up. We got excited to see whats up there. As soon as we elevated, we saw the limestone quarry on our sides building another door to the Garuda statue. We walked like we were in a maze, feeling a lot like miniature characters in a board game because of the towering limestone beside us.


After we walked like 3 blocks, we saw a wide flat area which they called Lotus Pond. The Lotus Pond holds large scale gatherings and outdoor events. Iron Maiden performed there! Located on its left is where the Garuda was built. Its 18 meters tall. Just beside the Garuda is the statue of Wisnu, it is placed on another hill, and is a towering 20-meter tall. If you're expecting to see more, there is none. There is a souvenir store on our way to the exit but we didn't bother checking it out because its usually overpriced in places like these. It was regarded a bonus since it wasn't on our the itinerary.  


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Kim said...

Those are some gorgeous photos! Let's add several more gorgeous locations to the "to visit" list...

Katherine Tampoco-de la Cruz said...

Thank you Kim and for visiting as well. Way to go! Ü

Rea Alducente said...

I love the maze part! You have great photos as always. I have a feeling that your driver/tour guide is gonna bag the most cooperative award! :)

Katherine Tampoco-de la Cruz said...

Thanks Rea! We took him out for dinner! Haha!

Michelle Nahom said...

Wow - your pictures are stunning. What an amazing place! I love to travel...I wish we did more of it.

Katherine Tampoco-de la Cruz said...

It's never too late. I promise, its cheaper here in Asia. Ü Thank you!