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Kerenkali in Bali Indonesia

At long last, I am on my last Bali entry and I am ecstatic to let you know about this activity. My husband, Jr was the one who found this over the world wide web. He's good at that. 

G0368028 copy

As I've stated from the Bedugul entry, we were picked up about 6:15AM on this day. We had a spare time so we visited the temple at the lake. We used 30mins of our time to roam around the lovely cold place and headed our way to the shop. 


This activity was brought to us by Adventure and Spirit.  Shop is located way up to the mountains. We reached the place around 9am. Angga introduced himself as the guide and a professional Canyoneer. Greeted with a smile and eloquence. He offered us a light breakfast, it was a pancake with bananas which tasted good matching a local coffee which he said a Kopi Luwak (cat poop coffe) -- quite talked about coffee because of its gourmet process. Anyway, while were eating, we are still waiting for the others. Four of us arrived first, along with a Danish couple. Angga handed us papers to fill in basic information probably for the records. We had a little chit-chat with the couple and surprised to learn that they never heard a single famous beach from the Philippines. So I suggested them to try to check it out on Google (of course!).

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Angga was carrying his own GoPro and encouraged us to pose for a smile.

A few minutes after, four more came. Another couple and Michaela and son. Within this group Michaela was the one I would remember because she is a nice lady to have a small talk with. An Aussie living in Bali with her son for more than 10 years. They had their breakfast too, as soon as they finished, Angga opted us to go inside the shop and get our wetsuits. 

The wetsuits are not new but it looked like it was built with good materials. I had a hard time wearing mine because I'm used to wearing lose clothing. Seriously, I thought I was about to faint when we alight from the car before we started the 15minute trek. The weather was hot, I was wearing a wetsuit that has a warmer so can you imagine? I even asked for a bigger size of the cover. Its a two-piece and a boots. 

G0181008 copyWe were distributed with a bottled water each. I am happy that we passed by a narrow water flowing. We stopped and  I splashed as much water as I can. I am so relieved that nauseating feeling has fade away. I knew its going to be a long day ahead so I couldn't afford feeling weak. About another 10minutes, we can hear the relaxing waterfalls sound, water plunging off the cliffs.

Angga always gestures with energy. He looks like he is in his early twenties about 5 feet 7 inches. He is accompanied with another young lad which I forgot the name, again. Both of them are guides and canyoning experts. I didn't know he was carrying a bag with our snacks in it -- a small thermostat with a local tea and chocolate biscuits and wafer. It wasn't bad at all. Its a kind of something we enjoyed after a few the adrenaline rush.

From their website this activity is described as:  a fun trip and offers everything that canyoning activity can offer: sliding, abseiling, jumping, swimming, gorges exploring , zip line (flying fox) etc.

Physical conditions required 
- Be in good health and able to swim 25 m
- Good spirit of adventure

Jr can swim no more than 5 meters. So we brought his life vest. I didn't know how far I could swim but I was confident enough that I could. I was carrying the waterproof bag tube as a body sling and the GoPro camera inside the wetsuit jacket. Angga showed me I could just slip it in the zipper so I did. 

GOPR1060 copyGOPR1066 copyGOPR1063 copy 
My tired feet still with the boots on.

At first, we chose the easiest canyoning they offered. They call it, Kali Kecil. Designed to last an hour and 30 minutes. As we were nearing to its end, Jr and I felt unsatisfied. Like we haven't seen or experience enough. We just told Angga we changed our minds and were going until the end. It was named Kerenkali, good for 4 hours and costs twice as much as Kali Kecil. We thought, what the hell. Were already here, we can no longer see the cliff side of Lembongan so we might as well make the most of it. 

G0808170 copyG0788154 copy

There were a lot of jumping, nature sliding, and rappelling on narrow gates from the river flows. As we go further, the heights are getting higher and the path ways gets so narrower and darker. I was feeling the advantage of wearing the wetsuit as we go along because its usually cold in the water especially in this river. Speaking of boots, wearing one was quite a challenge. My right shoe has a hole in it, the small rocks from the river gets in so I have to stop for some time. 
G1048249 copyG1038248 copyG0938209 copyG0538080 copy

We reached to a point where the rain poured hard. It was thrilling! The view of the rain falling in the water was melancholic but nice. It wasn't depressing at all. 

G1398412 copy

Since its our first time doing this, I'd say Jr and I enjoyed the most of it. The highlights were the 9-meter jump and 20-meter rappel. Angga gave us a choice when we reached the 9-meter jumpHe said its not a requirement but if you want, 1. go up there 2. jump 3. savor the thrill! I did think twice, looking Jr was all ready climbing up the cliff. I thought. I am just scared, but I wouldn't want that eating my heart out feeling while they rejoice after the jump. So we went, here's the videos.  


We have yet experienced another adventurous journey and we look forward to adding more!
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Michelle Nahom said...

I know I just said this but WOW! Such an incredible adventure! I'm not sure how I would have done with that, but I know my husband would absolutely love to do something like that. Your pictures are awesome...they really capture the moment!

Katherine Tampoco-de la Cruz said...

Hey, Michelle I appreciate you dropping by. If your husband is going to love it then you will too. I promise you, it was quite an adventure. Ü

Rea Alducente said...

This is something I can see myself doing! Haha. I can jump, rappel, tumble, and fall or whatever BUT I CAN'T SWIM AT ALL, not even 1m! Haha, sucha shame?! Can I just use a life vest instead? Great adventure you had! :)

Katherine Tampoco-de la Cruz said...

Hey Rea, I just saw your message. Yes, my husband is wearing a vest. :D You are right, probably the best experience we had in Bali.