Sunday, July 27, 2014

Penang Wonders - Kek Lok Si Temple

Pinang is the old school name for Pulau Pinang, which means "island of the areca nut palm".

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A place famous of arts and murals is a simple town of Georgetown. We decided it a go since Jr and I have a short 3 days to spend it overseas. Penang is yet the top of the list because of some nice things I heard and seen over the internet.


It's basically a small island with its main attractions located in its capital, Georgetown. Penang as they call it a place of melting pot of cultures mainly composed of Chinese, Malay and Indian just like in Singapore. 


I'll start off with the first place we visited as soon as we got off the plane. We roamed around for a couple of minutes within the airport. Penang airport is a small one, a size that of a domestic airport in the Philippines, only with better structures and with a small duty free in it. Outside is where you will see a Bangkok scene where they have all the cubicles for tour packages and car rentals. We basically compared about 3 companies within the same lane and chose the cheapest one! It was 40MYR (MY ringgit) if I remembered it right for an hour. We covered a couple of areas within almost 6 hours but the humble cab driver only charged us for 5 hours, all in.


Kek Lok Si Temple
It took more than 30 minutes to a stop. Didn't cost us anything to enter. This is a Buddhist place of worship that is stunningly perched in a hillside which shows an impressive view of Georgetown. The temple, as per my husband JR read, claims tallest temple in Southeast Asia. The East Asian Goddess of mercy was built in a 100-foot-tall bronze statue. Truly a fusion, this temple is also built by Thai, Chinese and Burmese geniuses. 

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Impromptu shoot for Mrs Sommer

It's been a long time since our last shoot. I'm not into glamour photography but sometimes my pretty girl friends are too pretty not to take pictures with. And sometimes, education comes for free. Thank you so much RaiJen!

Model: Gretel Sommer
MUA: Jini Cabrera
Lightings and brief tutorial; catch his photos here: Ryan Cabrera

kathero DSC_3695DSC_3666 DSC_3704DSC_3712 DSC_3725DSC_3755 DSC_3760DSC_3785 DSC_3804DSC_3825 DSC_3830DSC_3844 DSC_3865

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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Tulipmania 2014


I love flowers in general, but tulip is not my favourite. I have always admired a dandelion. However tulip always has something interesting because of its simple but sophisticated look. Considering these flowers are mostly from The Netherlands, I'd say, only for those who wants to splurge on special occasion. 

DSC_0505 copy


Tulipmania was brought back from a successful floral display last year at the Flower Dome, Gardens by the Bay. Depicting landscapes from the country where it is well known of, the organizers have built some of the famous trademarks like the windmill, houses and hyacinths.


The splendid display was exhibited from 14 April to 4 May 2014. It was another 3 consecutive rest days when nothing was on my planner. Quite a nice day, the sun was hot and it was a good day to go out. I went solo again and booked online at the price of $12. I brought my backpack/stroller bag with the camera and 2 lenses inside. I opted to bring this one from the camera bag because I get sprain during a long walk carrying a heavy bag on my back. 


It was my third time entering this dome. AC was blowing hard. I could always feel the low temperature as soon as I enter. At the entrance there were some curious people checking out this miniature, very detailed and the colours are lovely. 


I went straight to the miniatured park exhibiting Dutch landscape. KLM has brought a wide variety of tulips in the dome land. Mostly colours are in red, orange, yellow and purple. They also had hyacinths. I know I've seen hyacinths in my country in my childhood days but its not that famous.


It was a big event, they hosted a photography contest and I sent 2 entries for the KLM trip for 2 to The Netherlands. Its supposed to be a creative photo but mine was all boring. I thought the caption might work but it didn't. Jr made it and I thought it really was good though. The mechanics said something creative for both photo and caption: Fly me to Amsterdam with @KLM because I want to ---- free context. 
Jr's version was I want to lay my eyes on:

E-veryones eyes
D-am Square
A-rtis Zoo and 
M-usuems too! ... just to name a few! 
there, plus tag 3 friends.



I felt satisfied after about 2 hours of taking photos of everything I want there. Then when I was on my way out I realised I haven't fully seen whats in the Wild, Wild West part where the cactus are planted... Catch it on my next entry!