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Penang Wonders - Kek Lok Si Temple

Pinang is the old school name for Pulau Pinang, which means "island of the areca nut palm".

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A place famous of arts and murals is a simple town of Georgetown. We decided it a go since Jr and I have a short 3 days to spend it overseas. Penang is yet the top of the list because of some nice things I heard and seen over the internet.


It's basically a small island with its main attractions located in its capital, Georgetown. Penang as they call it a place of melting pot of cultures mainly composed of Chinese, Malay and Indian just like in Singapore. 


I'll start off with the first place we visited as soon as we got off the plane. We roamed around for a couple of minutes within the airport. Penang airport is a small one, a size that of a domestic airport in the Philippines, only with better structures and with a small duty free in it. Outside is where you will see a Bangkok scene where they have all the cubicles for tour packages and car rentals. We basically compared about 3 companies within the same lane and chose the cheapest one! It was 40MYR (MY ringgit) if I remembered it right for an hour. We covered a couple of areas within almost 6 hours but the humble cab driver only charged us for 5 hours, all in.


Kek Lok Si Temple
It took more than 30 minutes to a stop. Didn't cost us anything to enter. This is a Buddhist place of worship that is stunningly perched in a hillside which shows an impressive view of Georgetown. The temple, as per my husband JR read, claims tallest temple in Southeast Asia. The East Asian Goddess of mercy was built in a 100-foot-tall bronze statue. Truly a fusion, this temple is also built by Thai, Chinese and Burmese geniuses. 

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