Saturday, August 30, 2014

Penang's Famous Delicacy


You'll find this mural just opposite of this eatery


Forgive me if I speak with ignorance, that I can only describe a particular type of food in two words, good or bad but I will try my best to describe it to you so you will have at least an inch of idea how that food tasted. 

 The two best edibles we found in Penang are:

Char Kway Teow is a fried kway teow noodles with prawns and clams. There are two food carts serving Kway Teow here. The other one on its left caters the other ingredients such as prawn, veggies and clams. The other one is where the old lady fries the noodles and mixes the spices.  I think the old lady's best recipe in cooking the best kway teow in town are her spices on a wok fired by charcoal. I remember my parents used to say about wanting to cook on a charcoal fire. I could never tell the difference. They have however upgraded and is using a stove but seldom use the rice cooker. 


DSC_1574 The Masterchef

DSC_1571 The ingredients



As advised by our cab driver, laksa is just beside the stalls. There is a man there going around asking for orders. We asked if its laksa, he nodded and we gave him a sign of #1.

In other news, I don't know what an authentic laksa tasted like. So far, I liked the ones in the hawkers here in Singapore, laksa made in Toastbox and the ones where I first tasted it was in Paotsin at some SM and Robinson food stalls.

Laksa is mainly composed of thick rice noodles, mackerel (sardinas), a generous amount of shrimp paste and vegetables. For those you prefer it spicy, you are welcome to add some chili. I would've preferred the one without mackerel but I was surprised it tasted that good. I could've eaten more if it wasn't for the spicy sambal. I am a Bicolana poser, you see? I don't like spicy. 

Address: 108, Lorong Selamat Opening Hours: 11am – 6pm. 
Closed on every Tuesdays

I went too deep with the DoF :(
During night time, we walk out from the hotel to eat our dinner in the streets. Its about 500 meters away from the hotel. All the food stalls are busy starting about 5PM in the afternoon. You can find the loh mee, laksa, roasted chicken wings, satay, popiah and even fresh seafood. On the other side of the street is where you can find bak kuh teh. It is a Chinese soup dish, with pork rib meat added with spices mainly, garlic. We thought it was also available amongst the stalls but the locals pointed us to that direction. We checked it out, I was pretty lazy that night so I didn't have a photo for you. Nevertheless I have a good news. It was a good one. It's not the best bak kuh teh there is, I heard it was somewhere in a market after I did my research when we got back (silly), but really, the spices are rich in taste!


Tadaaaa! Jr decided to get a photo with the Masterchef.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Purrfect Cat Cafe

I've never been in a cat cafe. So, before I stepped into this roof, I asked the gentleman in the camera house if there's real cat in there? Thankfully it wasn't called cat cafe for nothing. Real cats and beautiful ones. Yay!


Located just beside the Camera Museum. On its first floor are heaps of cats goodies, like stickers, shirts, stationery, bags, clips, soft toys, cakes and the menu. A sign beside the cashier says one should order anything that will cost 18MYR per person = roughly 250PHP I'm not sure if its strictly been observed but when we were trying to figure out what to order, the cashier said we can order anything even if it doesn't cost 18MYR. So I got English tea and Jr ordered a lemonade.

DSC_2121DSC_2129 Table numbers

All things are guaranteed uber cuteness. From it chairs, pillows, the counter serving the drinks and desserts and most especially the figurine displays. The second storey is well-lighted, bright in white. No funny smell, the place is kept clean. It is also advised to sanitize your hands and take off shoes before you go to its second floor. The next door which is a sliding one is where the furries are located. 

Meet Orange, Bear, Teddy, Leo, Molly, Marble and Nala. Nala is the most shy.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Penang - Camera Museum


The rain has just stopped when we found this building. This and the cat cafe are situated right next to each other. They're both a 2 storey building in Lebuh Muntri with a welcoming replica of a 19th century camera.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Penang Street Murals - Welded Iron Walls

The painted walls are said to be inspired by the Lithuanian born artist Ernest Zacharevic. Aside from these paintings, there are also welded iron walls in caricature. This form of art emulates humor and history of a specific street in Penang.


I'm not into fashion but did you know that the famous shoe designer Jimmy Choo started his early career in Penang? It was in Muntri Street in Penang. Too bad I didn't see that wall art though.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Penang Street Murals


Georgetown is a UNESCO Heritage site. The atmosphere is an old town with so much preservation. This is main reason why we decided to conquer Penang and because of its street art murals. I am in awe knowing what a great find to see these art exhibits on the streets. And the best thing is, you get to see these heaps for free!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Penang Hill Grandeur

Penang hill is a 2,750 foot hill cliff railway. I hear its bad when you go up if its smoggy. Lucky for us, we had the time to visit on a sunny day. I wasn't expecting any more than a plain railway but I always look forward for a magnificent view and cooler temperature whenever its uphill.


Ticker fare is 30MYR = 11.67SG = 410PHP
Quite expensive but its a roundtrip, and always look the brighter side. Its a must visit place in Penang and you will never regret seeing the place. We planned to go around 5pm so we could spend the sundown but since the cab driver already parked the car in front of the station, we just decided to hop in. Itineraries are never strictly observed anyway.


Its a common forest view inside the cable car with all the trees and greenery. Once alighted, its a whole different story. The Georgetown is a great view from the hill as they say on the reviews. We've also learned people recommending a buggy ride (its like a golf car ride) but its totally useless once you see the area. You would love to see whats in the hill on foot rather than on this car. 


There's a restaurant where you can dine but we were not hungry then so we just enjoyed the view. A lot more to be seen. A hindu temple, a mosque and most especially a whole new adaptation of the love lock bridge in Paris. This once is just above an observation deck but the idea of the lovers names written in padlocks of different sizes. We didn't bother making one. We're not into an extravagant chivalry relationship. For the young love, this is a must do I suppose. 

I obviously loved this temple!