Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Penang Hill Grandeur

Penang hill is a 2,750 foot hill cliff railway. I hear its bad when you go up if its smoggy. Lucky for us, we had the time to visit on a sunny day. I wasn't expecting any more than a plain railway but I always look forward for a magnificent view and cooler temperature whenever its uphill.


Ticker fare is 30MYR = 11.67SG = 410PHP
Quite expensive but its a roundtrip, and always look the brighter side. Its a must visit place in Penang and you will never regret seeing the place. We planned to go around 5pm so we could spend the sundown but since the cab driver already parked the car in front of the station, we just decided to hop in. Itineraries are never strictly observed anyway.


Its a common forest view inside the cable car with all the trees and greenery. Once alighted, its a whole different story. The Georgetown is a great view from the hill as they say on the reviews. We've also learned people recommending a buggy ride (its like a golf car ride) but its totally useless once you see the area. You would love to see whats in the hill on foot rather than on this car. 


There's a restaurant where you can dine but we were not hungry then so we just enjoyed the view. A lot more to be seen. A hindu temple, a mosque and most especially a whole new adaptation of the love lock bridge in Paris. This once is just above an observation deck but the idea of the lovers names written in padlocks of different sizes. We didn't bother making one. We're not into an extravagant chivalry relationship. For the young love, this is a must do I suppose. 

I obviously loved this temple!

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