Friday, August 8, 2014

Penang Street Murals


Georgetown is a UNESCO Heritage site. The atmosphere is an old town with so much preservation. This is main reason why we decided to conquer Penang and because of its street art murals. I am in awe knowing what a great find to see these art exhibits on the streets. And the best thing is, you get to see these heaps for free!


!Beware! This post will be loaded with photos! 

Time for you to see the paintings and murals. Did I mention art in a form of welded metals too? Since the numbers are overwhelming and I think its best to put it into one post, I am putting all murals here. Welded ones goes to the next entry.


As I was saying, on our second day, we took a cab going to Armenia Street and roam around the area to spot the murals including other places like the Camera and Cat cafe.

We had an unfortunate experience on our second day with this old man rendering a trishaw service just beside the "Boy on a Bike" Mural  in Ah Quee Street. In the Philippines, it called "padyak". He asked for 40MYR per hour for the ride. He speaks good English and I must say very convincing. We couldn't get the other one because he doesn't understand us when we were trying to bargain. 


So we did, we crossed about 2 streets. Only about 20minutes. Alas! he's tire went flat! He tried to pump it with air but still looses. We had to alight and thought he will only want half of the per hour charge. We were about to ask for a change but he just told us he's keeping it for coffee. We were kind of pissed off but he's an old man, so, let him be.

This is the hardest one to find, considering its just beside the Camera Museum, we were distracted and had to walk past it twice!

This is my personal favorite. Aside from being monochromatic, it reflects innocence.

DSC_2388DSC_2386DSC_1792  DSC_1787

Penang is a small town. We booked our hotel at Glow Hotel in Jalan Macalister. On our 3rd day, we decided to just walk it off realizing Macalister wasn't that far to walk to and from Armenian Street.

DSC_2404  DSC_2308DSC_2340DSC_2384  DSC_2356DSC_1907

We tried to find the murals we didn't see since our first day. We sure didn't see them all. Some were already gone or faded but we had fun getting all we could see.  Sightseeing of this old town is recommended. To coffee lovers, you are definitely going to love this place. Every corner has a cafe. 

And the artists love caaaaats!


Here's a map if you are up for a hunt, rather you can ask the hotel you check-in for the maps so you won't have to print it. Enjoy and don't forget to put on your sunblock!

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Katherine de la Cruz said...

Very nice! Adding Penang to my places-to-see list :) Thanks for sharing!

Katherine de la Cruz said...

You're welcome! Its a UNESCO Heritage so its a must-visit. :-)