Monday, September 15, 2014

Hotel Review - Glow Hotel - Penang, Malaysia

Checked in late to this lovely hotel. It was past the hour of 4 in the afternoon when we reached the place. Check-in was fast. It was a relatively new hotel. I did something wrong though. I thought I was rich when I booked the accommodation so I booked 1 night extra! Booo! So yes, I paid for one extra night that we won't be using. I was surprised when the staff told me it was a 3-nights stay. 


I did manage to send an inquiry to Agoda but unfortunately for me, I can't refund anymore. Anyway, I moved on and forgot about it. I can breathe without saying -- heavy. 


The staff were quite efficient though they always initially speak to us in local language. They have provided us the most comprehensive mural map but ended up losing it. They speak good English but they opt to do more than speak (which is a good thing), like getting you something instead of asking for more information. Kudos to the bar guy which we had a good conversation when Jr and I had a chill out evening at the bar. I am so sorry that I forgot his name. He is so friendly and speaks good English from Sabah. 


The rooms, hallways, reception are well maintained. Neat. The size of the room we had is big enough for the two of us. Good A/C. Quite a nice view on its window. We chose the hotel because of its location, its centrally located. Almost near to everything. Second was the price. It always ends up with the budget, and you can always find one. 

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Accommodation include free breakfast. There's a variation in our 2 nights stay. Some tasted good and the others are just ordinary but not bland. Breakfast includes fruits and juices, we love the guava juice! Jr couldn't stop saying how good it was. 


They have a swimming pool outside the bar and restaurant. It's a small one but pretty relaxing to look at. We didn't bring swim wear so staring was adequate. 



If you are from Malaysia and decides to use your car, it will probably be an issue because there's too little room for the parking. The parking could not cater more than 10 cars. Overall, it was quite a good stay. No problem encountered aside from my own stupidity.

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