Thursday, September 25, 2014

Penang Temple Run Sanctums

Second stop. I know I wasn't posting subsequently. I post whenever I like it and sometimes I forget. 


I felt like we were sitting too long in the car after we decided to leave Kek Lok Si temple. I was expecting a very quick pass through when the driver said it'll only be about 15minutes. 15minutes passed and we're still in the car. I haven't seen the temples and my butt is itching to lift the car seats. 

Then the wait was over for another 15minutes.


Dhammikarama Burmese Buddhist Temple

The driver dropped us off at the gate of the Burmese Buddhist Temple and immediately drove away. He will wait until were done sight-seeing. Jr and I hurriedly alighted, we are curious to see yet another temple. And there's two! situated parallel to each other.


We are dumbfounded walking the colorful aisle as we reach the inside of the structure. There were towering Buddhas inside the temple. It wasn't anything new but the sizes of these Buddhas in various meditative poses are always astounding to me. And that's one thing I like about this temple. The bell-bearing acolytes, the wishing-well, mythical and winged creatures, the Garuda as such, the fish pond and the dragons resting their arms on a globe.


Wat Chayamangkalaram Thai Buddhist Temple


It is called  Pra Buddhachaiya Mongkul. Located in this famous ground is the second reclining Buddha I've seen apart from the one in Bangkok. There were workers fixing the dragon statue outside the temple, patching up the colored glasses on its body. It is always observed to remove your shoes/slippers when you enter these temples. 


We were greeted with long tables of candles shaped in flowers. Some were lighted, some are not. You have to pay for the candles so you can lit them up. There are also other stuff being sold near the counter on its left side.


The reclining Buddha is facing his right side. Facing you. Resting its head on his right arms. Its front is filled with candles and small replica of other Buddha.

There's also a cemetery here, a resting place for memorial urns at the back of the reclining Buddha. Out of the temple, on its right, facing the temple are the tombstones. If you wish for a tranquil place after a long walk, the place is a must-see.

Enjoy the temple sight-seeing!

Location: Burma Road, Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia
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