Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Souvenir Shops and Goodies - Penang, Malaysia

Cat and Owl Souvenir Shops



More interesting shops in Penang! Talk about having unlimited things to spend your money with. Every place has their specialties. You can buy just about anything, even if it doesn't make sense anymore. But in this case, I will be providing you compelling stuff. So cute, you would end up creating a hole in your pocket.

DSC_6627 copy 
I found these in the streets.

It's a good thing I am not hooked into this kind of commodity. I'd love to look at them but I can easily resist the urge to buy one. In fairness to me, I'd only buy enough souvenirs which in this case, Jr wouldn't agree since he is the most thrifty person I know next to my Mom.


These are simply irresistible! Two lovely creatures in souvenir form! Oha!

Edible Pasalubong 

Looks like they're in sacks!

Aside from the cute keepsakes, we also brought back home the yummy ones. I mentioned on my mural posts that Penang is big for coffee. I'm not a big fan of coffee but I do have my own preference since I need one on my graveyard shifts -- and that is a 3-in-1! Lol. I have the right to assume that these shops seriously caters coffee in different flavors, they probably have the biggest numbers in flavors. Why? because we saw a massive range of flavors when we hit the pasalubong stores! Coffee with chocolate, orange, tiramisu, coconut, durian, green tea, black and white coffee. That's all I can remember. See those flasks? They're of different flavors.

Inside the stores are chocolates, coffee of course, candies too, chips, and honey. Just another observation, the jars with dried flavors makes the displays more interesting.

Ahuh! samples here. The latter is lemon, I'm sure. :P

We visited two stores but didn't buy one from the second store, the bags were enough and we're good to go.


My favorite is ginger and green tea so I got 2 each, together with 2 Milk Tea's of the same flavor. One for me and the other one I sent home. I am not a coffee addict but I sure love how it tasted. It's a little pricey 35RM per pack. I tasted their honey, I just forgot what kind. Gaaaah! I was itching to get one but its only available in 500ml up so I can't bring it as my carry on baggage. Sadly, I have to let go. I moved on when we woke up on our last day on the island with a cup of ginger-flavored milk tea!
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Katherine de la Cruz said...

I like the trinkets...but unlike you I am a coffee person.
And I love your photographs!!!

Btw, thank you for visiting my blog...please drop by anytime

Katherine de la Cruz said...

Thank you for dropping by. You will love it there then. Will do. :D

Katherine de la Cruz said...

Very interesting!! Good for me, I'm not a hoarder so if I see those kinds of shops, I'll take my time just staring at them without actually buying anything except if I have a budget. LOL