Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Pinaon Time Tunnel

Instead of exploring more in the grounds of Cornwallis, we decided to look for a museum. Pinaon is a private history museum. By the way, Cornwallis is like Intramuros however they differ in location. This one's location near the sea.

painted outside the wall in front of the receiving desk


Entrance fee cost: 22MYR = 303php = 8.80sgd


Jr is interested in museums. I not always in a mood for History but he is. Very educational for children and students. This time tunnel recounts its history putting a darkened hallway with its time tables, life-sized human sculptures and dioramas. The human sculptures depicts early fashion statements, traditional crafts, and daily labors. 

Amazed but at the same time ashamed of the photos I took, they're all out of focus!

I am amazed of the dioramas, small sculptured human forms inside a plastic material see-through box. People miniature as to what I thought it was called. It exhibits early labors of the people of Penang especially pre-war. Penang was a British settlement of the Prince of Wales. On one of its corners, there was a TV screen showing a documentary of the war against the Japanese troops dropping the bomb in the Island decades ago. Quite the same feeling when you see those black and white movies of war. I am not a fan of old films but I know how to pay attention, sometimes. :D

As I have observed, the fusion of culture here reflects just like of Singapore, Chinese, Indian and Malay.


As an added extension of the museum they also have a trick-eye paintings on the walls. If you enjoy photo sessions making a fool out of yourselves then you will definitely enjoy this attraction just like we did!

DSC_2290Illuminating paints


Uncle showed me how cleaning is done.

sea and space! 
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