Saturday, October 25, 2014

Tinuy-an Falls, Bislig Surigao del Sur

 The famous Tinuy-an falls!

It takes one and a half hour from Hinatuan River going to this locale. The ride did get uncomfortable that we asked to stop by the long bridge which I forgot the name. We rested for about 5 minutes and headed out. The drivers had a small challenge as we rode our way up. Good thing they had big enough engine to pass by rough path. At one point, the other habal-habal where Des, Em and Mike was riding,  Em told me they had to stop and Em had to ride at the front on top of the gas tank. It was a common scenery where the locals ride in front of the motorcycle though. But for Em, it was another first.

Habal-habal fun ride!Guess who had a good time here. Photo from Em's iPhone.

Passed by a scenery called, 77 Lakes.


There is another entrance fee here worth P50. You can use their life jackets if you want to and they will give you a receipt once paid for another P30. The view of the Tinuy-an falls is such a beauty. There was a rainbow since it rained the other day. The sun's reflecting its rays upon the air was lovely. 

Pathway going to its 2nd tier.
 DSC_2871 DSC_2882

This body of water is a three-tiered waterfalls. 55 meters in height. We opted for a bamboo raft ride at the bottom of the waterfalls. We enjoyed our bod being crushed by the heavy waters and had a lot of time jumping off the raft. It takes about 30mins to stay there. When we took off, we had to give the rafters a tip. Then we saw these stairs up to the mountain side. We thought its off-limit because of the signage up there. 

GOPR2950 DSC_2923
Your personal jacuzzi on its 2nd tier

Then manong told us we can actually go and asked a guide to accompany us -- and the other group who went first as we climb the stairs. So until then we found out that it was the way up to the 2nd tier of the waterfalls. We had fun because this is the first waterfalls with a vast area coverage with water flowing in it of course. People found delight in posing in the mini-tiered hinges of rocks where they take their selfies and group shots. 

Under the fall.

You have to watch where you step because the running water is strong. There are a lot of algae so it is slippery. You don't want to be carried by the water at a 55-meter edge.


The day ended too soon without us realizing it was close to over. Night fall is such a spoiler. Next stop is Britanica group of Islands!

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Katherine de la Cruz said...

THis is excitingly beautiful. great photos

Katherine de la Cruz said...

Thank you @Ron Katagiri You have to see it for yourself. Travel time is all worth it!