Thursday, November 6, 2014

Britannia Group of Islands

It does sound like a fancy place to go to. Well, beaches are always fancy to me but it was a cheap ride going here. We rented a multicab jeepney on our way to San Agustin. We were 5 in the jeepney, all by ourselves. We decided to take a break from crowded buses and vans. It wasn't pricey, only cost us a couple of hundred of pesos. 


La Entrada's wooden facade to onboard the boats.

DSC_3023DSC_3026GOPR3011 The Naked Island

The trip took us about an hour in a half to get to the boat quay. I remember we were asked to pay a 5-peso entrance to a probably a government hut in the middle of the road. Yes, they had receipts.  



We weren't able to check-in early at La Entrada when we arrived at the location. The reception lady told us that we can leave our things beside their desk while we can order our food to be taken to the islands. And so, we did after we settle the payments.

Hagonoy Island

We were pleased with the cool tropical breeze under the sun. We get to visit 3 islands out of the 25, Naked, Hagonoy and Buslon Island. The beaches are pristine. White powdery sand, i think the island got its name from what it looks like. There's pretty much a number of Naked Islands in the Philippines merely because of being bare. Just the sun, clear turquoise water, white sand and small rocks. No facilities nor cottages which for me is good.

Buslon Island

We did not spend a night at this place though we love to. I guess we just have to pass to a foreseen total inconvenience when going back to the airport in time. We knew we had to be on the road by night. 

PS: I love my new watermark. Profile photo digital drawing by Jeini
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Katherine de la Cruz said...

Looks wonderful!! It's nice to know that there are islands and beaches that aren't crowded still exist. Certainly a breath of fresh air.

Katherine de la Cruz said...

Definitely Rea, basta wag lang sa Boracay hehe! Although crowded dun gusto ko pa din naman bumalik.