Friday, November 14, 2014

Quick Guide on How to Get a Visa to Japan

It's been my long overdue plan to visit Japan. For 8days the experience have been exceptional. So if you are curious of what the country looks like book your ticket now and let's get it on with the Visa.

If you are in Singapore, this is the link you should check:
If you are in the Philippines, check this out:

Visa Application Form is downloadable here.

Will cost you $0 for Filipinos in Singapore. 
While in the Philippines you have to pay P1,500 to the agency. 
How long is the validity of the visa? 15 days single entry 
How long did it take to process my visa? 2 business days but it doesn't mean we'll have the same case, from what I read it may take up to 5 business days. Jr applied to an agency in the Philippines, took him a week to claim his visa. Be sure to call the agency if they haven't called back in a week.

Link of Accredited Agencies:
Please protect yourself and apply only to an accredited agency mention at this site.

The requirements in Singapore is less complicated and in numbers compared to the Philippines added requirements are letter from the Company Manager (signed) stating you are on official vacation leave, Marriage contract if married, ITR, Bank Certificate and even your itinerary.

I love the visa on my Passport, except for my photo (obviously). 

myjapanvisa copy
               I haven't replaced my last name yet.

Good luck and safe travels! 

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Katherine de la Cruz said...

LOL with the photo. For some reason, NBI clearance, passports, and the like have the worst photos. Hope I could visit Japan soon to see the cherry blossoms.

Katherine de la Cruz said...

I call it, total destruction. Lol. I agree, wala sila pakialam paglabas ng NBI clearance mo para ka din ex-convict sa pic. Haha! Book the ticket now dear for April-May. Kung super ganda dun ng autumn hay, mas lalo siguro by that time.