Thursday, November 6, 2014

My Matcha Sweets Diary 101 ver 1.1

For all of you who doesn't know, I love green tea flavoured chocolates, pudding and desserts. In short, sweets! I have a sweet tooth although not for all kinds of chocolates but I wouldn't think twice if its a matcha flavor. 

To all the matcha lovers, Join me to a journey of matcha sweets diaries. I will be posting photos of the ones I have tasted (maybe looking for). Wouldn't be having a detailed description on how it tasted because I don't have the technical knowledge of tasting but what I can promise is you will be informed if its good or bad. 

As a Starter I am presenting Kyo-matcha chocolate / matcha macadamia by Meiji.

Has a rich matcha chocolate and crispy macadamia inside.


The Verdict:
Where I got it: Family Mart, Tokyo Japan

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Katherine de la Cruz said...

Wowowow. Green Tea on Chocolates? I wonder how that tastes. ~(^3^)~

Katherine de la Cruz said...

Masarap! hehe! Gusto ko sya kase lasa yung green tea nya na may onting pait.

Katherine de la Cruz said...

I love macadamia! Hope to find this in mnl. 😻

Katherine de la Cruz said...

Perfect combination pala to sayo. :D

Katherine de la Cruz said...

Hi Kat, eto pala yung link ng blog mo, sorry to drop by so late! haha This looks interesting pero parang ang pait :S Have you been to Japan before?

Katherine de la Cruz said...

Hi there Mariane! I appreciate you dropping by. Have you tried any matcha chocolate? hindi sya masyado mapait, truffle-kind-of pait naman. Yes, just recently. Last month. Late post lang ako lagi. :D

Ashley Madison said...

Hi Ms Kat! mukang ok to ah, ittry ko tong green tea tapos chocolate flavor na meiji. sobrang fave ko kasi ung meiji macadamia, sa ako bumibili (here's the link: ng supply namin ng baby ko every month. grabe nag ccrave ako ngayon :O Drooool!!!

Kat said...

Hello Ms Ashley! Go! perfect combi kasi medyo dark choco lasa ng chocolate! You will surely love it! Ang galing, madami klase ng green tea desserts dyan sa goodsph?