Friday, December 19, 2014

Kathero went to Tokyo

The Land of the Rising Sun as they say. Japan is in the East Asia, not SouthEast! Yeah, I think some of you might also be expecting SouthEast like I did. I have always wronged myself of expecting to see the name of the Country when they say South East Asia on TV. 

My best travel, hubby and I went to Japan for 2 Main reasons:

1. Loud Park 2014, Within Temptation line up.

           Dear Arch Enemy, I am sorry that we cannot afford the 2day-event, I know I will be seeing you next year because I know Japan loves you. We will surely witness new vocalist, previously from The Agonist, Alissa White-Gluz destroy the stage next year!

2. See 2 parts of Japan, which is Tokyo and Mt Fuji.

It's been a dream to see this place. I can't count the years I have wanted to go. Took about 4 months to do the dreaming and the planning. 

16th of October, I had a 7 hour-flight to Narita. And Jr had about 4. Rendezvous was at the Terminal 2 Meeting point area but I managed to wait at the Arrival area. Good thing it wasn't like a wild goose hunt. I saw him right away when he exited the area. 

Coming from Terminal 1, I asked the Tourist Information desk how to get to Terminal 2.
It wasn't that easy. Not all signage in
Japan are in English. Information desk people are very helpful and speaks good English. I was informed to take the Shuttle bus at Parking 6. There is a pole just outside the Terminal, shuttle bus is Bus #6.


This is where we had our first ramen! Vendo operated for orders.

In about 10mins, I reached Terminal 2. Took some brochure to help myself navigate. Had a currency exchanged. For Philippine money, you can only change up to 10,000 Php per transaction. If possible, change your Php to Yen before flying. A friend told be its cheaper to change it in Singapore rather than in Japan not sure though if you're coming from the Philippines. 


We were supposed to see Imperial Palace including the inner Gardens but the premises were closed. No one's allowed to enter anymore. Not sure why, it was just 4PM. Anyway, we had a lovely walk in the city. I just loved the weather at 19degrees.


There was a restoration being worked on one of its castles behind the stone walls. We had no idea what to expect from the place so since we saw no one is getting in, we just enjoyed the cool breeze at the outer grounds. They said there are tours being conducted inside where their Majesties the Emperor and Empress reside. We don't usually avail group tours when we go to places so everything is DIY. Learn from our mistakes if we displeased ourselves because we came unprepared.

We walked through the spotless passage, a-walk-in-a-park-style. The air is so clean and colder as it gets dark. The sun was sinking fast, so is the reddish horizon was vanishing. 
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The Chronicles of Mariane said...

Waiting for more pics Kat! I noticed from my travel to China &SoKor that it's cheaper to have money exchanged here in Manila rather than bringing Php/USD to East Asia :)

Kat said...

Thanks for the feedback Mariane. Might as well have it exchanged from where I come from. Ü