Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Khao Lak Shoreline

Khao Lak is a coastal area that was one of the hardest hit by tsunami on 2004. The people of the villages has progressed a lot and got back to their own feet after the tragedy. Thailand is still boosting with tourists because we just cant' help seeing the pristine beaches.


Ao Khao Lak is of greater advantage compared to Phuket because of its quiet surroundings and for its secluded coastal resorts. When we started to explore the beach from day one, we were delighted by its uncrowded beaches. There were a couple of beach resorts on the shoreline and about 2 hotels were closed due to off-peak season.


This location is family-friendly. I've seen a lot of white people with their family and children playing in the beach. August was vacation time for some Europeans like Germany. I've had a good chat with a German mom while I was swimming. I just hated myself for being so bad with names. We chat about Germany mostly she sited a couple of customs and places.


On its right, facing the ocean is a canal. With huge rocks and clear waters which is great for sight-seeing. If you love elephants, though not too many, just two or three of them were seen from every time we went there. Sometimes they let them bathe in the canals or sometimes we catch them eating the grass.


On its left is a wider panorama. Also with several huge ocean rocks the farthest one we've been has quite a landscape. I took a couple of long exposure one afternoon so savor the peaceful view and the fresh air.


The nighttime environment is also very peaceful, although it gets pitch dark while we traversed the shoreline one evening, I could say that it's still a safe place. If you are like us, who simply wants a peaceful everyday, then its also for you.

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