Monday, December 8, 2014

Rafting and Zip lining at Khao Lak

The only activity we did for the rest of the 5 days in Khao Lak was a short zip line track and river rafting at Khao Sok National Park. We were desperate enough to get something to do aside from swimming in the pool and in the sea front of the hotel.


The local operator for this activity has an establishment that can be easily seen before the car drove passed The Briza resort. 

Tree top
We went to check out if there's any chance we could get to see the 3 famous Islands but we we told the areas were closed. The only activity we can do is rafting that comes with a zip line adventure. The owner's name is Tuk-tuk like the famous transportation in Thailand. He speaks good English and has co-owned the travel and tours with a German. He is very helpful to every question we asked, although sometimes he seemed to be murmuring that I have to ask again what he just said. Aside from being a hands on entrepreneur with his customers he also provides with interesting facts about the places. 

By the way, this activity entitles you for a round trip pick-up from and to your hotel and lunch.

Poor elephant, getting a rest and refreshment from work.

We walked to the shop before 9:30AM. We found Tuk-tuk was already waiting for us. He wasted no time, immediately let us in the car and drive right away. It was more than an hour drive up North. We were offered coffee and bottled water when we arrived while listening to the briefing of the tour leader.


There was a huge number of tourist that time. Several tour companies are conducting their business at this river even if it was off peak season. 


Look how many riders were there that day!
Jr and I have never tried river rafting before. I just thought there was a lot of crazy noises because I thought it was going to be a crazy ride. The ride was okay but the river was too friendly that day, or was it always like that? Not too bumpy from what I expected but people enjoyed splashing water onto other boats. We sure did get wet after the 5km ride. 

And please excuse another selfie. We bumped into a post.

After we got off the rubber boats, we were hurriedly invited to get into a pick-up like vehicle where about 10-12 passengers can be accommodated, excluding some locals who willingly hung their arms onto the back of this car. After 10minutes we were back at the small hut where we got our life vests and we climb through the tower to start the zip line.  Again, I didn't expect much from this zip line. I saw the structure before we left off for rafting. Height was about 3 meters and it was designed like a triangle. The highlight of this zip line experience was the man before me. He was shaky as hell. The man assisting the riders couldn't help his grin while he pushed the man to slide. 


The activity was wrapped up with a good food. I've always loved Thai chicken curry. We weren't expecting that much. See that table? Nomnom..
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