Friday, January 23, 2015

Tokyo Tower, Japan

A communication tower that serves as a television and radio broadcast antenna in Japan, Tokyo tower is 333 meters high which is 13 meters higher than Paris' Eiffel Tower. 


As one of Japan's main tourist attraction, it features 2 Observatory decks. The Main which leads you up to 150 meters high and the Special 250 meters above the steel tower. Main observatory costs 900yen roughly 385php (conversion last October 2014).  Special Observatory is 700 yen about 298php. One person needs about 700Php to explore both decks. And I strongly suggest that you see both!

20141017_182334 DSC_550720141017_164727 20141017_164641

Coming from the Imperial Palace, we found our way through the Tozai line (colored Blue green from the train maps) to Oedo line which is a pink line. Alighted at Akabanebashi Statation, we walked about 15 minutes to where this orange beaming iconic tower is. I don't think you will get lost, since you will see its top once you are out in the open but since I am dumb with directions, you'd swear you'll never go with me. Thanks for my husband for he knows how to read maps and directions.

20141017_17031920141017_175543 copyDSC_5585

Too bad we were not able to see Mount Fuji on a daylight but it was always the best experience ascending heights at night time. The city lights were flashing in glamour. 

There are souvenir shops and small cafe inside the observatory.

There is a lift that goes to a 68th floor If I remember it right that leads to the Main observatory deck. It will get a little boring in there so you will definitely want to go higher. 

There was quite a number of tourists. We had to fall in line to be able to get into the lift that accommodates about 10 persons inside. I felt a surge of adrenaline as we went up, not to mention the small space on which the wind outside passes through, damped my shoulders and made my breathing a little heavy. I can't wait to go out of the lift. 


The panorama was impressive although it was sealed with a thick glass. I didn't get a nice photo without the reflective glass. Oh well, you will appreciate the view when you take some time to just look at it. The gigantic buildings looks like Lego blocks down there. They were so little but my feet was uneasy since I could feel a little movement of the tower.


We had fun nevertheless! Plan ahead for meal after the climb. I will lead you to the best tonkatsu In Minato on my next post.

Crepes outside the tower. Open until late night.

Tokyo Tower
 4 Chome-2-8 Shibakōen, Minato-ku, Tōkyō-to 105-0011, Japan
+81 3-3433-5111

Sunday, January 18, 2015

From Jollibee with Love

About four months ago, my friends and I planned a little something for the less fortunate children from our hometown. This something we referred to as a Feeding which is also a Thanksgiving. A feeding held at Jollibee, Tabaco City. I know there are a lot of people who are fortunate enough to eat at Pinoy's best food chain anytime they want but there are also a lot of people who are not able to afford it, like these kids.


          DSC_7133 DSC_7076

And we know how much kids adores Jollibee, so we thought we can bring a little smile into their lives. Alam ko mas sikat talaga si Jabee sa mga bata. A small wish to bring happiness to them to a jolly place and have them eat the best food and party for the holidays.


I am grateful for my friends who were cooperative, especially those who whole-heartedly helped and donated to bring smile to the little ones. Thank you for helping us coordinate this event for a less messy setup. Salamat sa pagbuwis ng pawis sa kili-kili sa Quiapo para sa loot bags at freebies na laman nito. Nagkabaliktad man ang bilang ng para sa girls at boys, at least, we were still able to rectify the challenge. Sana hindi naman nagtampo ang mga bata. We will do our best to make it better next time.


We are aiming to pursue this every year. We look forward for more kids to feed and try to put a smile on their face during the Holidays. We will probably think of a more strategized setting to accommodate more kids. Let me know if you are willing to help and send donations for the kids.


 Salamat tabi! Dios Mabalos! In no significant order:  

Mato&Gie, Ren&Bam, Pinay&Paeng, Miko&She, Ron, Jr, Cai, Niz, Omar, Runa, Larra, Agz, Nard, Mami Kets, Nok, Wang, Wa, Toks, Bar, Carl, Jude, Ken, Kiko, Oey

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Post Christmas Entry from Malinao, Albay


Everyone's busy this past Holiday season including me! My pocket has been in drought even before I held my monthly wage but I still missed a lot people on my list, especially kids! 


Yes, I was MIA during the Holidays. If you somehow read this blog of mine, this is not really a real-time blog. So I am now pursuing what I started and try to write (if this is a valid writing?) about Malinao Christmas lights near my hometown in Albay. 


As far as I can remember, Dr. Floro Lianko started this tradition to put a smile on people 's faces upon witnessing bright Christmas decors a couple of years ago. The oldest display I could remember was the Holy Family in the manger themed lighting. The lights were simply arranged, compared to this year's grand design, Christmas around the world. There was Eiffel Tower, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Pyramids of Egypt, Sydney Opera House, mosques, litlle houses hangin' in the trees where I thought it was Rudolph's sleigh, and a Christmas-y scene of a fireplace setting of a traditional American house.

models, my sissies!

The place felt like a landmark and a park at the same time. Big deal, there was a Jollibee booth in front of the exhibit. Some children were running around with this toy sold in the grounds with glowing colored lights. I bought one and it costs 55php. The weather was unpredictable, the rain did pour heavy for about 10 minutes. As soon as the rain was gone, people gathered up in front of the displays to continue taking pictures. There were so many visitors that night. Aside from the free entrance, people seemed to have a great time posing for  pictures of their family and friends with the lovely background.

P.S. Doc, sana hindi po ito ang last time nang paghahatid nyo ng kasiyahan sa mga tao.