Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Post Christmas Entry from Malinao, Albay


Everyone's busy this past Holiday season including me! My pocket has been in drought even before I held my monthly wage but I still missed a lot people on my list, especially kids! 


Yes, I was MIA during the Holidays. If you somehow read this blog of mine, this is not really a real-time blog. So I am now pursuing what I started and try to write (if this is a valid writing?) about Malinao Christmas lights near my hometown in Albay. 


As far as I can remember, Dr. Floro Lianko started this tradition to put a smile on people 's faces upon witnessing bright Christmas decors a couple of years ago. The oldest display I could remember was the Holy Family in the manger themed lighting. The lights were simply arranged, compared to this year's grand design, Christmas around the world. There was Eiffel Tower, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Pyramids of Egypt, Sydney Opera House, mosques, litlle houses hangin' in the trees where I thought it was Rudolph's sleigh, and a Christmas-y scene of a fireplace setting of a traditional American house.

models, my sissies!

The place felt like a landmark and a park at the same time. Big deal, there was a Jollibee booth in front of the exhibit. Some children were running around with this toy sold in the grounds with glowing colored lights. I bought one and it costs 55php. The weather was unpredictable, the rain did pour heavy for about 10 minutes. As soon as the rain was gone, people gathered up in front of the displays to continue taking pictures. There were so many visitors that night. Aside from the free entrance, people seemed to have a great time posing for  pictures of their family and friends with the lovely background.

P.S. Doc, sana hindi po ito ang last time nang paghahatid nyo ng kasiyahan sa mga tao.
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