Saturday, February 7, 2015

Bugatumi Dining, Tokyo Japan

Bugatumi is where the high-end tonkatsu (deep dried pork cutlet) is housed in Japan. I didn't know this place until Marjorie tagged me in Instagram from one of a celebrity post. The photo is a nice looking tonkatsu captured, "the best tonkatsu I've had". I immediately checked it online and thought we could throw a little splurging for a night. Dine-in a grand ryotei! 

Homey and traditional Japanese 

This is our Tokyo Tower night. Bugatumi is located in Roponggi, Minato-ku so we decided it's best to try and dine in. Estimated travel time from Tokyo tower was 16 minutes. 4 bus stops and a 2 minute-walk. Right! We probably doubled the travel time to 30 minutes. Understandably, we are not from this place but the good news is we found the place. 

I didn't see any photo from the website how the restaurant looks like so I kept thinking of a usual restaurant looking establishment. We finally found it and it is a two-storey with a wall ensemble of a half moon. We came through a traditional wooden sliding doors. A foreigner was on his way out, we totally looked like we had no idea what's in there but thanks to the white guy who jokingly said "Welcome!". 


We were also welcomed by friendly Japanese chefs dressed in double-breasted jackets. The light in the ground floor is dimmed but the kitchen is an open area. There are desserts displayed inside a see-through fridge and the other one contains ample supply of the finest pork. The color of the meat is so inviting and cleanly cut.


One of the waiters led us to its second floor. The restaurant is small. Upstairs, there were cubicles with a center table. There are areas where you could sit in a traditional Japanese seiza -- sitting on the floor and not on the chair and there other area is where you could sit on a chair. Both areas are almost full. Two vacant cubicles at the seiza side so we chose this for an authentic Japanese tonkatsu experience. Aja!

They probably look the same but they're of different variety. LG G3 photo

I forgot what we chose from the menu but they had at least a dozen of variety of pork. Although the menu is quite comprehensive with an English ingredients underneath one menu. It was Japanese so I forgot. We ordered 2 different varieties and a Sapporo beer. Truly the best tasting tonkatsu! What makes it the best is the texture of the crumbs perfect for the tendered pork. The heavenly sliced pork were served with sauces, mustard and the sweet black sauce and not to forget the appetizer, it looked and tasted like kamoteng-kahoy. The meal is complete with the miso soup, a weird looking pickles, and a pile of fresh crunchy cabbage accompanied with steaming rice.

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