Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Harajuku and Takeshita Street, Tokyo Japan

I've never seen enough girls in fashion in Shibuya. This is where some of them hanged out that day I guess. We did a lot of walking around this area. We headed out and passed by a lot of interesting structures especially this village-like shopping center. 

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According to Yuzu, Takeshita Street is built by young people investing their  money to build a name in the fashion industry. The street is filled with clothing shops. Local brands and foreign ones. Although the items you will get here are more expensive, considering the quality and the location. They rent for space and the interior is designed for convenient shopping. Remember when you buy something, you get what you pay for.

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What I love about this street is it has 2 sides, the other one is a village type where the buildings are made of modern houses but the other side are consists of tiangge-like stores Which is a good news for the thrifty out there.


This tiangge side is your common market filled with stores of clothing lines beaming in colors. There have been more girls wearing cosplay-ish clothes here than in Shibuya. I saw a couple of lolita shops, Boot shops (too bad I didn't get any), metal shirts and the of course, restaurants. The stores are overwhelming especially the ones selling food. You will never get hungry provided you bring some yen with you. Japan can be expensive especially if you convert from peso but there are definitely cheap ones like Takeshita Street.


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