Saturday, February 28, 2015

Metropolitan Government Building, Tokyo Japan

They said these buildings are the face of Shinjuku's West side. This was the last in our itinerary for the day before we parted ways with the Miyashiro family. The cityscape is always better at night, because we say so. 


There was a sign where one should proceed when entering the building premises from the ground floor. It was a huge yellow background poster with a huge black inked text that says, This Way. We were greeted by security officers checking bags from tourists lined up to get into the elevator. After the checking, we hopped in and took us all the way to the 45th floor which is 202-meter high.


There is a souvenir store which I don't recommend. The souvenirs are always pricey when you buy it from the place itself. As to what I expect, the observation deck was a regular building. The ambiance was an old office, replaced with a barricaded restaurant and the other side is placed with souvenir stores.  Yet we saw another miniature-like buildings with those crazy lights beaming against the dark night. The best things in life are free, no entrance fee for this attraction so don't forget to add this on your To-go list.

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