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Shibuya Tokyo, Japan

Your Tokyo trip will never be complete without Shibuya on your list. We visited the place on our second day in Tokyo. We were also set to meet a friend with her family, we thought Shibuya would be the best since they came from Yokohama. Our metro train tickets was still valid for 3 days as long as its within the Tokyo Metro line. For 3 nights, we stayed at the Toyocho line. According to google maps I saved, it took roughly 43 minutes for 1 transfer with 12 stations.


It was broad daylight when we reached Shibuya from Hanzomon line. The busiest street is surrounded by giant digital screens, billboards and colorful banners. The place is consists of busy people in suits and office attires, friends chatting, workers, teenagers in high boots and cosplay-ish fashionable dresses and all types of commuters. I didn't realize we were there until I saw the people lined up in each direction, attempting to cross the famous crossing all at the same time. Yes, when its green, it means go. Each of the street lights reflects all the same color at the same time.


This is the Moyai Statue, a spot where its famous for rendezvous. It is a Polynesian ensemble that served as a gift by the Nijima Village that means "work together". 

I think we crossed the street for more than 10x times that morning. While we wait for Miyashiro family to arrive, we went to see Hachiko. Jr was pretty much excited to see this statue for the love of dogs. He took a couple of photos of the statue and even from Hachiko's eyeview (his own words). This city is also dubbed as the fashion capital of Japan. As you can see, even Hachiko was wearing a fashionable jacket.

GOPR3834 copy
Assumed to be Hachiko's eye perspective.

We have circled the area full of stores, big and small and of ramen restaurants, bakeries, mochis, candies, rice crackers and onigiri (Japanese rice balls). They also have a street called Supeinzaka which referred to a Spanish hill filled with  posh shops within its short street, by short it means not more than 100 meters. 




  Japanese Arcades - we went inside and discovered these establishments are not only for the   young   generation. Adults are the majority of its customers and you can smoke inside.

DSC_5709 copyDSC_5715 copy

We didn't eat yet, we waited for Ana, Yuzu and baby Sakura to take us to a good restaurant. One whom a local will recommend for its deli food. 

One of the best things in Japan, you could never go wrong with the food, all restaurants pretty much serve delicious food. It was almost true until we had a bad experience before I went back to Singapore, we tried the green soba noodles at the airport and it was bland. The most tasteless edible that touched the ground of my tongue. Taas ng standards eh noh? Lol. It was the only one disgusting food we tasted in Japan. 


Yuzu took us to this Tokyo Tonteki, Tonteki means pork loin steak cooked with a punch. The food is not local but instead from Mie Perfecture. We loved everything they served. Since the menu is written in Japanese, we just pointed at the delicious-looking photos. We ordered that ground pork that looks like a burger patty, only larger topped on a steamed rice with sauce. Orders comes with the famous miso soup and that super crunchy cabbage salad. I didn't take a photo of the food, sometimes I do not want people to look at me like some lunatic who takes a picture of everything she sees. The food was all good, has and has big serving. I won't forget the avocado salad, I loved it! I still remember how to eat that cold tofu.

Although we pretty much saw all of Shibuya, I think we missed one place, the Love Hotel hill which offers hotel rooms for couples. It wasn't the reason why I want to see it, I could've seen some amazing street arts painted on some of the hotel's walls.


famous anime school girls uniform

We visited the Metropolitan Government Building, Takeshita Street and Meiji Shrine, which I will feature in my future entries. To end the day, I wanted to see a view of the busy intersection from the top of the building but the highest one possible is only at the 2nd floor of Starbucks in the Tsutaya building. Funny we ordered a green tea frap from the Starbucks card we bought for Mike and finished it outside of the cafe. As soon as were done, we decided to go inside to take a couple of photos.


The Gap band, char!

Thank you Miyashiro Family for the fun and guide for one day! See you when we go back. Long post! I hope I filled your eyes with decent images to reflect how Shibuya looks like.

GOPR3839 copy

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The Chronicles of Mariane said...

Ayus yung time lapsed picture nyo! Ganda!
Ang cute ni Hachiko pero ang dami nyang abubot sa katawan :S No need to be "fashionable" Hachiko!

Kat said...

Thanks for dropping by Mariane! Hindi po sya timelapse, normal video lang. hehe! Fashion festival kaya siguro nidamitan, I thought gininaw sya. X_X

secret admirer said...

who's that guy with the orange jacket? i like him do you have his number? awesome blog btw.

Kat said...

Its you! :P