Friday, April 3, 2015

Ashikaga Flower Park


We had a long trip on the train. Tochigi Perfecture is located 2-hour train ride from Tokyo en route to Tomita station. We pretty much lost our way because of the crazy metro trains. Stayed at the platform for almost 30 minutes waiting for the right train with the right label of destination to get into. 


There were small pots of flowers outside the dome-shaped entrance. We purchased the ticket from a counter located inside the dome. Dome has various kinds of products being sold, from flowers, figurines and local delicacies. 


We passed by these sceneries on our way to the Park. Plus I imagine this dark alley during night time.

DSC_6261 copyDSC_6091

Weather was always a chill within the metro just like Baguio but over the distance and Ashikaga's high altitude, It felt freezing already during the autumn.


Ashikaga Flower Park. I knew October days no longer bear the gorgeous Wisteria flowers so If you want to come, come see it during mid-April to mid-May. Our time was not wasted because the park has tons of different flowers to see since other flowers blooms all throughout the year like the hydrangea, roses, Virginia purple flowers, waterlilies and daisies. A 15-minute walk to the Park was also amazing because of the mountainous landscapes from afar. 


The were quite a number of workers preparing for the annual illumination event during December. The workers were so busy installing the LED lights. There were lights everywhere. Walls were build probably put in different kinds of theme every year. We saw a huge globe formed by the LED lights. And the other were installed in this billboard sized metal wall. I don't have an idea what image were formed. Since it was a little gloomy when we visited, some of the lighted were lit along the walkways.


Beneath these steel rods is where I'm supposed to see the 145 Year old Wisteria hanging, swaying in a cold windy breeze. 


Go check out Ashikaga Flower Park via Google. It is ethereal. I am adding this on my bucket list to go back during the spring. 


There is a canteen where we tried a different kind of soba noodles, it looks bland but when we had a taste, we chopsticks kept goin on until we realized it was almost gone. One of my favorite things in Japan is you can never go thirsty, vendos can be find anywhere, and this one is located just before the exit.

Address: 607 Hasamacho, Ashikaga, Tochigi Prefecture 329-4216, Japan
Phone:+81 284-91-4939

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The Chronicles of Mariane said...

Looks nice kahit konti na lang ang flowers when you went, paend na ba ng autumn nun?
Excited to come here during spring!

Kat said...

Oo, patapos na. Balitaan mo ako T_T