Monday, April 6, 2015

Lake Kawaguchi

I could still remember the coldest time of our lives as we ascend to the higher place called Mount Fuji. We left as early as 6am so we could have more time to explore the grounds but ended up reaching the hostel at about 1pm. Kawaguchiko station was at 7 degreess celsius and we were under dressed! Jr and I were both wearing 1 jacket and 2 shirts. We left the large luggage at one of the lockers in Ueno station.

It felt colder when we alight at the station. Mount Fuji is nowhere to be seen. Heavy clouds were drifting all day around the heavens. 


There is a phone booth in Kawaguchiko Station and I called the hotel. There is supposed to be only 2 pick up time schedule but for some reason the guy who answered the phone told me someone is coming even though we're not on schedule. Thank God someone is picking us up because we don't feel like looking for the address even with that small precipitation. It was still cold. 

A few minutes after checking out the station which has a small souvenir store and a restaurant that serves light meals, I fell into the Information line. It was a laid down kind of day but we still wanted to take advantage of the situation. So, I asked the attendant on how to go about Lake Kawaguchiko. We took a map and it was easy. Just go the bus stop and hop in. 


We stayed an K's House. I will be posting that entry next. We asked the staff on how to get to the bus stop and it was a 5-minute walk from the hostel. It was raining. Hard then. But we still managed to go outside, trying to feel oblivious of the cold. Took about 10 or 15 minutes  for the bus to arrive. I can imagine how the ride must be on this kind of weather. We just told the driver where were going and paid the amount there. There is actually a monitor where you can see the destination and price, placed near the driver on her top left. 

The weather was said, cold and empty. Lake Kawaguchi was all gloomy. Mt Fuji is supposed to be visible without the heavy could over this bridge.

DSC_6388 copyDSC_6390

The bus was still nowhere to be seen so we decided to walk. Our shoes was almost soaking wet but it was fun in the cold. We saw hotels along the way. The gloomy weather was overtaking the mood but what I love was seeing the autumn colors not vanishing from our vision. 


Kawaguchiko is such a simple place for a laid back days. It was serene. No pollution at all. The mountains are vividly colourful and it was I guess a good time for us to be alone in the streets and explore with the help of a little romance called rain.

DSC_6336 copy


Here's a shrine we happened to pass by as we walk towards the hostel. Some parts of the mountain are observed to be walled with these corroded metals, It looks like wood but it wouldn't hold a possible landslide. This is still a few kilometers away from the hostel and the tourist bus is still nowhere to be seen.

DSC_6406 copyDSC_6407

When we reached this cookie house, I was already freaking out because we just saw from the map that the last bus is almost due at 430pm. I still managed to catch some of the maccha flavoured cookies and some others like vanilla and strawberry. Fujiyama cookies is worth a try when you have a chance. These are cookies shaped in mount Fuji-like cookies, topped with white chocolate. I love that it wasn't too sweet.

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