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Hotel Review - Sun Island Resorts and Spa, Maamigili Maldives (Part 1)

It was a 4hrs and 40-minute flight from Singapore to Male. Male has the most interesting view of an airport for its turquoise waters. Our first day was composed of 27 hours on the 26th of April. The weather was hot at 32 degrees. 

Male, fill up the immigration form and you're good to go. After we exited the Immigration,
we immediately looked for the #16 booth where I was instructed to go by the staff of the hotel via e-mail. There were a lot of hotel booths. The luxurious ones were built of fancy stickers and boards on glass doors and marble walls. Ours is built out of wood with the Villa hotels logo. The Maldivian staff was friendly and informed us he is only waiting for 2 more people then were headed out to the nearby airport. Heat was scorching, I could not even feel the wall fans blowing. Since I didn't do a research on the airport, we ended up too early for our next flight to Maamigili. We were starving and was not allowed to go back outside since we already checked in. I just thought there would be a small cafeteria inside the departure area. After an hour, we were ready to go, only to find out we are about to get stucked on the runway. The flyme 50-seater plane had a problem with the air conditioning not working, we were there for 30 minutes with our armpits sweating.

Male to Maamigili took about 20 minutes. I wish it was longer compared to SG-Male because the view is just stunning at 8000 feet. The atolls are visible with the bluish deepest part of the ocean, turquoise and green shades of water. It really felt like I was at the heaven's side of the earth. 


Touched down at approximately 20 minutes. A tourist van was parked outside the small airport of Maamigili island. In about another 5 minutes we alighted and there was this receptionist that greeted us, I thought she was a Thai but when she heard us spoke in Bicol she said she kind of picked up something and gave her an idea to approach us in Tagalog. Thank God a Filipina and her name is Asuka, half-Filipino half-Japanese. We were guided to board a speed boat which is by the way a fun ride, took us another 5 minutes to the hotel's island. 


I was still in awe. on this photo, my mind told me: I cannot believe I am seeing this. I thought I'd only see this in the movies. And there it was! 


Alright, so we passed by a pier that leads to the sunny shore of Sun Islands and there was the receiving area with a small tub at the center accommodating protected turtles. This bungalow is huge. Serves as a waiting area for the people coming in and out of the island. Also a nearby area to wait if the restaurant is still closed while waiting for your buffet meal.

Cafe with wiFi.

Coconut drinks were served together with a refreshing mint flavored towels perfect for my sweaty face. Asuka has basically explained everything we needed to know around the island. It's a good thing we had someone there to speak Tagalog. As we checked in, I gave all the documents I have. Probably the most sluggish process I've ever encountered checking in.
The front desk personnel find it hard to comprehend. They speak English but when I say something, it seems like you're in front of a 386 computer prompted with a loading sign. Also they would suggest a workaround that is easier for them than for the Guest (e.g. me). Like why do I have to do the changes out of the 3rd party website when I can directly pay them for the extra bed? They finally understood what my intentions are after about an hour. Took us about another half hour to know what the rate was.  There was this Chinese couple on the other side of the desk where the man was already screaming when I turned my back to look. It wasn't the resort's fault though.


We had another tedious meeting with the front desk staff when I had to upgrade our meals to Full board. It was already tiring so I had a little trauma to talk. We had to talk things over again, someone said he thought were only getting half-board only instead of full board. The additional full board will coast you $44 USD per person and that includes lunch and dinner buffet. Breakfast was already paid when I booked the rooms. Then I had to explain it again regarding extra the bed when we had to transfer to the water bungalow. It was painful.

The best situated restaurant.

The photos above are from their Alcove Restaurant, where you will enjoy snorkeling. I suggest you explore here more for there's tons of fishes to see.

There are far more better places in Maldives but this hotel is situated in a fine location. I love that the waters surrounding this island is so clean, it almost looked like a man-made pool surrounded with fine sand and clearest waters. But of course, I bet all the sceneries are like this in Maldives. Talk about a Maldivian kind of view?


My father has an aching leg so they had to take the electric buggy from and to the restaurant when we eat. We had to call the reception for a pick up. Lead time is 10 minutes and waiting time depends when you are in the receiving area. It was efficient. 

My husband has finally learned to bike since we had biking rental for 3 days. I never thought it was a rental until I saw it from the bill. Cost $3.40 per day per bike. We rented 3. It is a huge island so it is also very useful getting around for more exploration. 

KAT_0907 copy
at the pier

stingray feeding during sundown.

Not the best buffet but they're all good enough. Some would taste odd but you will definitely find something delicious in the menu. You will only get free drinks during breakfast which commonly has 4 variety of juice. Pineapple, apple, orange and guava. For lunch and dinner, you will have to buy all kinds of drinks from water to wine. 1.5ml of bottled water costs $4.75 USD and the smallest Coke was overpriced so I only tried it once for 6.76USD. 

hotel food copy

The experience with the place is a treasure. I will definitely go back but not in this same resort. Other than that, all is good.  


Kudos to their receptionist/Asuka for providing tips and information about the island. You should be promoted for a Manager position girl! :D

KAT_1564 copy

My sunset photo.

Meanwhile, there's a lot of photos to share with you so watch out for the continuation. I am about to expand this series.

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