Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Japanese food

Before I end our Japan adventure. Let me leave you with a gastronomic post for I will put a collage of photos of everything we ate in Japan. Well, we basically fed ourselves with too much Ramen but hope you guys enjoy seeing this collection.

roponggi wall

Japanese food is one of the best food in the world, I am thankful for their Ramen, aside from the fact that Chinese people was the one who invented it, it was popularized by the Japanese.


We are grateful for the tonkatsu, their pasta is also a delicious-o, onigiri - tuna is my favorite brought to you by your friendly neighbor Family Mart. It's where we often see it but I'm pretty sure there are other places you can buy it from.  


Hotoh Restaurant Kawaguchiko Station, located just the opposite of the train station. The Houtou noodles that looks like the soba noodles is perfect for the cold weather with its thick chubby sized noodles cooked in normal texture with the right amount of crisp and slime in a huge bowl of miso or pumpkin soup. Served with the right amount of cooking time rendered for the vegetables.

20141022_132121 copy

Miso soup always comes free especially in Yoshinoya. Yes, we did eat one breakfast to try if there's any difference. I've always loved Yoshinoya beef even in Hong Kong so I can't tell any difference because nothing tastes better than authentic Japanese beef!

Before we went to Japan, I was already a maccha fan. So can you imagine when I went full gaga mode every time I see edible flavored maccha.

yummy desserts

  uppermost left is a maccha pudding, center top is the famous Tokyo Banana, Pocky Maccha, Fujiyama cookis,      Haagen Dazs wafer ice crea, Three eye monster yummy sweets from Disney Sea and the Black Metal burger from McDonalds! (just kidding! they call if black burger but it was actually purple-ish, colored by octopus ink.

On drinks, we didn't try sake but we had Japanese beers and coffee! 

An uber cute coca-cola can (yes, its a can), Sapporo beer, Pronto cappuccino, and a Japanese Nescafe caffelatte in a can from Narita Airport.

Don't forget to taste some nutritious fruits as well. They might taste all the same but doctor's recommend to eat fruits everyday! :)

DSC_6279 copy

I finally found where these photos are. Just a fair warning to everyone when you go to Narita International Airport. If you're brave enough to try, who knows if you'd like it. It was just tasteless for us.

20141024_092226 copy
airport soba

Japan is also well known for making wax food display. These creations are such an eye candy not only for their colors but because of their shinny texture too. Makes you drool over something you haven't tasted yet.

DSC_5573 copy

I admit and regret that we didn't try all possibilities to eat the new and unfamiliar food but believe me, we never went hungry. Our tummy was always full even without eating rice on a single meal. The servings are huge enough for 2 meals.
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