Sunday, May 3, 2015

Mount Fuji, Japan

The first trip to the 5th Station was 8:10am so be sure to book yourselves for the car to take you to Kawaguchi Station. The car only accommodates 8 person. It is free but the next schedule is at 4PM. Kawaguchi Station is also where the bus to Mount Fuji gets its passengers. It was 7 degress cold when we went out and it was still raining so we bought disposable raincoats. We ate light breakfast, tuna onigiri and bread before we left the hostel. Good thing we planned it out the night before since 8am trip will be too early for us.

I sooo love the trains!

Here's a Bus Timetable for your reference:

Fujisan Station                  8:10     9:10     10:10     11:10     12:20     13:40     16:40
Kawaguchiko Station       8:20     9:20     10:20    11:20    12:30     13:50     16:50
5th Station                          9:15     10:15    11:15     12:15     13:25     14:45      17:45


We purchased the ticket at the ticketing office. 2100 yen, roundtrip. Seat reservation is not possible. The trip is about an hour. The bus' window glass was all damp because of the cold temperature. And speaking of, it was getting lower as we ascended.


We reached 5th station about 930am. Guess what the temperature is? 3.5 degrees! It was fun but the rain wasn't. Though in rainy days comes a miracle, in about 15 minutes we were foolishly roaming around sight seeing and taking pictures, the sun decided to show up. Twice! Thank God Mt Fuji decided to flaunt its amazing bod. Yes, we only see its body (I don't know what its called) but not with its summit, the body was wrapped up with snow but the view was breath taking. People went all crazy when it showed up, and of course everyone including me wind up taking a photo.

My fave photo, taken by my Jr.
Ochudo Trail, starting point

5th Station is a halway point of the Yoshida Trail which is the base of the summit to Mount Fuji. This is popular for being accessible and for having shops, restaurants and a small clothing shop. Toilets is inside this huge shop, one wouldn't miss it though for it was also a huge sign at the entrance.


The Komitake Shrine has an observation deck but since it was all cloudy we didn't see anything aside from the colorful trees right in front of us. I just love the experience of seeing the autum colors and the smell of the trees after the rain is so refreshing. Although, we missed seeing the view of Fujiyoshida City and Lake Yamanaka, it will probably be there when you go on dryer season.


We checked out the Information Center where we took a map to see where we can go to. We took the Ochudo Trail. Took us almost around the same elevation but the trail is more fun for having seen the trails down the mountain base. The clouds were almost within reach.


When we got tired, Jr and I went to check out the restaurants. I ate a chinese noodles that looks like ramen but Jr went for a weird looking sausages and tofu-like in a bowl of soup. I didn't bother tasting but he said it wasn't bad as it looks. Don't worry, I hate myself more right now just because I couldn't find the photos I took.        

Souvenir shop

This must be the highlight of our Japan trip. Tokyo alone was overwhelming. The country is such a beauty with nice people too.
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