Monday, June 29, 2015

Bulusan Lake, Sorsogon

This part of Sorsogon is a bit far from our house in Albay so a night before going we agreed to wake up at 4am. Okay, I woke up a little past 4am, maybe 4:30am. We were all set before 5:00am then. 

Barcelona Church

We passed by five municipalities such as Barcelona, Irosin, Juban and Casiguran and Bulusan. The views were breathtaking even before we reached the place. The iconic in-demand Barcelona sign along side is the 138 year old Stone Building Ruins and the town's Barcelona Church at the other side of the road.


We also passed by 2 long stretch of beach along the roads, a real clean river at the center of the houses of a barangay and some incredibly stunning mountain view to the point where we just want to settle for the day on the beach and just simply soak in the water. The thing is we were not able to do it because we didn't bring any picnic basket.


Bulusan Lake is located uphill, the wind breeze is cooler as it slowly damps my face. I am used to open the car window when there's less traffic or if I see a lot of trees when on a road trip in the province. 


Since it's located at the top of the mountains known as the Sharp Peak and Hormahan, the temperature is slightly lower so it has a Baguio feel. 


There is a small souvenir shop and a sari-sari store in this are where the toilet is also located. 

 Mama Mary statue

As soon as you see the lake, there are kayaks available for a ride. If I remember it right, they said 500 for each kayak where it can accommodate 2 person but I think for 3 kayak boats, we got it for less. I wasn't sure since I'm not the one who paid. Lol.

GOPR4609 copyGOPR4628 copy

I am not sure what else are the activity set here but this serene place is good for an hour or so down right fresh stare.  

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Funko Legacy Game of Thrones Figures White Walker

Fortunately for me, I get to see a white walker while in a tedious wait for Season 6. Maybe not the Night's King but this is the white walker I've been dying to see again after we first saw him in the season 2 finale "Valar Morghulis". 

credits to Wikipedia for this screenshot


This action figure is made by Funko. It is made of vinyl. I am not a collector, I wish I could afford to be one but sometimes I just get one if I want it bad, especially if it's this cheap. I can say that the details are amazing, the blue eyes are just remarkable.


                             The joints are bendable but his legs seems bandy-legged. 


It has a nice spear with a tip that seems to be iced or crystallised.
KAT_2910 copy

                            Lastly, he has great hair and sexy boot-eh! 


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Sun Island Resort and Spa Amenities

Amenities makes your life easier, and in this island they are screaming quite fancy! This hotel has a huge swimming pool located near the receiving area. Deepest at 6 feet. 


This is what they call Zero restaurant where they serve organic food.


Water sports section is situated at the mermaid island. Of course, everything has a price tag. 


Aside from that, you'd be amazed that this huge island has its own set of jacuzzi, a badminton court, a jai alai court, a gymnasium, darts corner, a department store, table tennis and a bar room with billiards table. You could enjoy all the mentioned above for $10 a day. 


Indoor playground for the kids.


Lastly is the souvenir area, you wouldn't leave the island without buying one, are you?


KAT_1017 copy
Italian Restaurant, Alpontile's view

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Hotel Review - Sun Island Resort and Spa - Water Bungalow (Part 2)


Did I mention that this is a 5 star resort? I think it should rate as 4 star. The beach rooms does not look like a 5 star. It was quite simple, nothing grand but one always get what you paid for. I wasn't asking for anything more but all I am saying is, It's no 5 star standards. 


The bungalows are like some signature Maldivian resorts. There's this wooden passage over a fancy turquoise clear waters. It's been an awe-inspiring view with the light colored corals underneath. Not just the corals, we saw fishes everywhere.


This is what's inside the bungalows. 31.62 sq.m. Double bed. The numbers are quite smaller than it looks. The room is spacious and the bed is comfy. No bed photo since I did not get a chance to go inside the room first.

Photo below is the porch where you can go sunbathing. The other side has another jacuzzi but the room in the middle of 2 bungalows were inaccessible. We didn't ask if we're supposed to have access since the open sea was more than enough to dive in for relaxation, not to mention I am not a fan of bath tubs and the likes.


The water bungalow is a different story from the Standard beach bungalows, would probably live to its 5 star rating (for me). Although the freebies also went missing. The free vanity kits was nowhere to be seen. The tub was fancy as well as the whole bathroom.



This room enables you to step into the waters from the stairs of your own bungalow porch. It's quite lovely when the sun isn't scorching hot but if it's me, I would dive in nevertheless!


Speaking, that was me! I spent hours snorkeling here and I spent quality time with the white fishes in sparkling blue and silver stripes. The water goes deeper as you go near the middle. I can still imagine the feeling when those large fishes swam by. My eyes popped in joy and I can't believe the short distance where I can see them. I often felt their body bumped slightly on my feet.

Thai Restaurant.

Too bad we didn't make it to the shark feeding! We were too busy roaming at the other side of the island. Good thing, we were still able to catch some baby sharks when we arrived at night time. I've seen people on video petting sharks and even Nyssa (Arrow) touched stingrays in the Bahamas. I thought maybe someday, I will touch and pet a shark. Someday.

ridiculously awesome view eh?