Thursday, July 9, 2015

Paguriran Island, Sorsogon PH

After Bulusan Lake.


This trip was originally planned for Siama Hotel. When we arrived at the hotel, we were excited to go out of the car but when we asked for someone to attend to us, no one was in the receiving area. Seriously? What kind of management does that? I know its not a place where a crowd would usually go to but its a decent hotel. They even have their website up! There were 2 jardineros outside and told us no one would be able to service us and asked us to go back in 4 hours. It's just plain ridiculous to call them before going. We did call before we went but someone was responsible not being in the same place with us that day.


Anyway, we moved on fast and looked for another alternative. It was like a field trip in Sorsogon all over again. I first stepped into this place when I was in 2nd year High School. Matnog was the nicest beach I've been. 


My father was the one driving, no one has ever been to Paguriran in Bacon but my sister just asked about some whereto's from Say. The visit was pretty much the literal meaning of short. We reached the place around 5:30pm. The sun was dark orange and it was heading it's way down. We still managed to catch Manong Bangkero to take us to the island aside from the fact that one could cross the waters on one's neck high. We didn't take the risk since dark is  slowly approaching. We were on the other side in 5 minutes!


We enjoyed the scenery as I watched my sisters, brother and Mum soaked themselves into the clear waters and I was also watching the orange sun rays fades. My brother and I managed to climb the limestone on the other side. I felt stupid for leaving my slippers near the cottages because of the pointed rocks that frequently hits my flat feet. Still, I decided to climb in the open even with a sore feet. The view was breath taking. The limestone are formed in a wider half C shaped. It was also friendly to the eyes for lichen, moss and grasses are also growing on top of the limestones.

DSC_7676DSC_7706 copyDSC_7701 copy

This is a laid back beach, the residents are so lucky to have a beach front, white powdered beach. There is no fancy resort, although there are cottages where you can stay overnight. I think I heard another videoke gig in here. Videoke is very common in Barrrios, I wouldn't mind hearing videoke unless someone's out of tune. I also saw two sari-sari stores that usually sells your typical beach needs like chichiria and soft drinks. If I remember it right, my Mom asked the lady there how much the overnight rate was and she answered the rate is 1000Php. My Mom was referring to the cottage with stairs going to its second floor. 


DSC_7693 hdr

About 8pm, we were done taking a bath from the Public toilet. There's a five peso charge for the water plus a strict young lady to collect the fee. She was asking for the payment as soon as I went out of their toilet. I was busy carrying my wet beach pants, I was trying to fold and fit it into my bag and told her that I wasn't going to leave without paying. I thought she is cute, knows business at a young age.

DSC_7699 hdr copy

If someone would ask me, I'd definitely go back to this place and spend more time lying on the beach sand. I would probably get more tan and enjoy the sun.  (Feeling maputi!)

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