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5 Things To Do in Ticao Island Resort

The sun was bright when we left Tabaco. Unfortunately, it was gloomy when we reached Bulan Sorsogon. The rain started to fall as we on board the boat. An hour passed, as we alight the boat, I didn't like the weather as the rain fell hard. We alighted at San Jacinto but we're stranded there for about an hour. I did not pre arrange any transportation to the resort so as a result, the dogs were barking pretty hard trying to get a commission on delivering us to the island 20-30 minutes away from the port. Literally, the tricycle drivers about 6 or 8 of them circled us trying to get a bargain. 

I called the resort a few times but they were not able to get ahold of any bangkero at that time. Eventually we asked around and found a deal about 800Php to take us to the resort. Boat ride took about 45 minutes which is 25 minutes longer than the information I gathered.


The resort is not situated in a white beach. This resort is more efficient for divers. The beach front cabanas are quite old but clean. The attic inside the cabana is lovely. The rates are not cheap but includes full board food which is not bad because all food served to us was certified delicious! 


I read there is a rock formation that is a must-see when you go island hopping, go check it out since we weren't able to. We just made it to Haleya National Park which is an amazing place with turquoise waters. Boat rental costs 3500Php which I got from Ate Vicky, the acting manager on our stay at the resort. No other means except you opt for a smaller boat maybe you can ask the locals they're just on the other side of the fence. No regrets on renting a big boat, the waves were quite vigorous when we sailed. Thanks for the friendly accommodation Ate Vicky! Cheers!

What to do?

1. Eat and stay at Ticao Island Resort


2. Row your boat, free charge. Kayak does have fee.


3. Scuba Dive -- Inquire at Ticao Island Resort

4. Discover a tranquil nature at your cabanas front and backyard.


5. Swim, go caving and explore Haleya National Park

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If you need to know how we got there, there are 3 ways to reach the resort but here's the path we took from their website:

Via Bulan and San Jacinto:
  1. From the Legaspi Satellite Terminal, take a public bus, van, or shuttle to Bulan (approximately 2.5 hours). There are vans and buses that leave Legaspi every hour starting from about 5AM to about 4PM. This will cost about PHP200 per person.
  2. From Bulan, take a public ferry to San Jacinto. (approximately 1 hour). This will cost PHP120. The Bulan to San Jacinto ferry leaves at 6AM, 8AM, 10AM, 1PM, and 3PM. The return trips from San Jacinto to Bulan leave at 5AM, 7AM, 9AM, and 12PM, and 2PM.  If accommodations are needed at Bulan, One Conception Place is a 5 minute walk to the Bulan Pier. The room rate is about PHP800 per room per night. There are other inns in Bulan which are lower priced. A local tricycle driver will be happy to assist you should you need accommodations in Bulan.
  3. From San Jacinto, take either a motorcycle (approximately 45 minutes) or hire a boat to Ticao Island Resort (approximately 20-30min). The motorcycle rate is PHP150 per motorcycle with 1 person riding behind the driver and a boat good for 8 people will cost about PHP1500.
  4. Total travel time (not including layovers/waiting time) is approximately 4 hours and total cost would be about PHP500 per person.

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