Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Rang de Holi 2015

As usual this is a late entry. I can't believe I forgot to write about this festival. It's been four months and I just recently ran through this album. Anyway, this was March 7th this year. I was curious about what is happening during this festival. I saw a lot of photos in rich colours in magazines. Although mine is nowhere near it. Here's my collection.

G0141947 copy

Lucky enough to attend this gig with DSLRs allowed at a vacant lot just outside Kembangan MRT. I was able to gather a couple of photos worth posting. For a little bite of trivia, Rang de Holi is also known as festival of colours which came from an ancient Hindu religion meaning the celebration of victory of good over evil.

DSC_9757 copy
DSC_9771 copy

This festival is primarily observed in India and Nepal with holi frolics. Holi powder is the one being used to blow and shower people for fun. It is said to be washable but I haven't completely removed the ones in my shirt as of yet. Right now it looks convenient with a shade of spattered colors blue, red, yellow and green.

DSC_8905 copyDSC_9828DSC_9825DSC_9791

The event was more like a party. Everyone seemed to be dancing in the limelight. People were frenzied. Some danced like a pro but some were dancing foolishly. Me? I was just bouncing around and throwing all the holi powder I have in my hands, just like my friends. Thanks for the company by the way, Fer, Donna and Christian. Hope we could still have a 2016 Rang de Holi event. And Oh, thanks for the friendly subjects on these photos. Hope you like it if you happen to see this entry.

Donna and Fer
The music was endless. They also had short program where they had kids danced, well practiced and choreographed. The last number was a raffle draw, we were attentive like we are about to win?! Yeah right! Haha! The numbers were called but none of them was ours. The show was about to end with a another craze when we decided to go home. There were still tons of people enjoying the lively setting. I'd say we had a blast!


And the photos I specially love in this entry:

DSC_9626 copy

powdered hands:

DSC_9594 copyDSC_9600 copyDSC_9597 copy
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