Monday, August 3, 2015

The Oriental Hotel - Legazpi City Albay


Scheduled to fly back to Singapore and I am missing this town already. Before heading back, we decided to go to Legazpi earlier so I could still catch POEA office for my OEC form. I had it completed 3 hours before my flight so we still managed to swung by the now famous hotel lying at the top of Taysan Hill. 


This is probably their priceless facility, the infinity pool with the amazing view of Mayon Volcano. 

There was this convention where Filipinina costumes were displayed seems to be everywhere. Demonstrated skill of true Filipino pride on exhibit. I never thought this is a huge hotel. We roamed around and saw there was plenty of decent rooms. And the view of the famous swimming pool on its 2nd floor if I remember it right. Two main restaurants, and the one we tried was the one at the Veranda. 


Here are some of the interior of the hotel. I was just passing by to see the view so I don't have the room rates and look.


This one is their restaurant with a veranda. We just recently tried their breakfast at the main restaurant later after I took these photos. Their "puto" (rice cake) is just amazing. Made with a soft and spongy texture, the taste is just perfect that melted in my mouth. That's how I loved it. Buffet breakfast is worth 399Php and the puto was the best, I guess I just had to say. Price could've been lower, the price is just overwhelming. There were a lot of desserts but there isn't any signature dishes in the breakfast.


Going back to the original plan before I leave the hotel, I have got to taste the food. So we got ourselves Bicol's best Pancit Bato and Pancit Bicol Express. Bicol's finest delicacy. Didn't fail to amaze me. Bicol Express Pancit (noodles) Bato was popularized from a place called Bato in Camarines Sur. Bicol Express  sauce was obviously gata (coconut milk) and it was creamy. The garlic bread was a perfect dip.  


The sugar however in the watermelon smoothie needs less, it was too sweet to our liking. It was forgivable since I was able to forget about it in less than 15 minutes because of the strong wind occasionally blowing. How I missed life in the province.

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