Thursday, September 24, 2015

Trekking Mount Pinatubo

The amazing Mount Pinatubo is located Northwest of Manila. It's last volcanic eruption was on 1991. Since the eruption pumped up a huge volume of ash and lava, these are now visible when you visit the place since it has piled up into gigantic walls of mountains. It is famous for its turquoise-colored crater lake. I have seen photos before we went and the landscapes are just effortless. This is the very first Mountain I trekked. I never thought I'd add up one more in my bucket list but I did. I'll be posting real soon about my Indonesia mountain discovery trip.


Anyway, Camille was the one who researched and organised this trip and she happened to check out TriPinas. Facebook link is on the hyperlink. 

Pinatubo Tour Package Inclusion:

* Aircon land transfer (Manila-Pinatubo base camp-Manila) inclusive of toll fee and gas
* 4x4 wheel drive adventure 
* Local guide for the trek
* All applicable fees (conservation, local pinatubo guide)
* Certificate of Conquest
* Tour coordinator from TRIPinas travel and tour ventures


Their prices has just increased from 2090 to Php2120. You wouldn't believe the guide, Mr Tee is French! He is very approachable and gave enough information especially on the Do's and Dont's. He also knows the history of the place, he was carrying around a bulky folder with old photos of Pinatubo. 


So as the itinerary goes, at 2:30am. We were at El Pueblo McDonald's at Julia Vargas for the meet-up. Thank God there was no traffic that early because we woke up late. Like 1:45AM -- late. I was still able to shower in 2 minutes and off we went. At around 5:15AM ETA, we were at Brgy. Sta. Juliana (base camp) to board to our designated 4x4 jeep. We were 6 in the group and divided into 2 jeeps. Started trekking around 7:30AM, estimated time to arrive at the crater was in 2 hours. We might have exceeded a little but we were right on track.


The view is just WOW. That's all I can say at first glance. Truly astonishing with its blue and green colored lake. It was inviting but the cold breeze will discourage you. Plus we didn't bring additional clothes. And they prohibit swimming, kind of confused there when I saw some foreigners had a dip into the water. The color of the lake probably depends on its season because some of the photos I saw of the lake was turquoise. The landscape is just unbelievably nature and I love the cold breeze. You would love to sunbathe with your clothes on. :P


At around 11:30AM, we all started the return trek and back to the base camp probably by 2:30PM to freshen up. There is a pay toilet 5Php but you have to line up and wait. The rest of us found a local pump and we asked a local if we could freshen up. The locals gladly lent us their tabo and there is what I call ligong kambing. I only bathe my head and our wet towel did its purpose.

Around 6-6:30PM we realised we were in Manila as we welcomed the homegrown traffic. It was a tiresome trek since we trekked it longer than expected. We probably missed an hour but it was also fun, the landscapes are not to miss!

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