Saturday, November 28, 2015

War Remnants Museum - Ho Chi Minh City


I can't believe it's been a month! I am pregnant with our first child and I've been couchsurfing on my own couch like forever. All I want to do all day is sit, sleep and eat. Anyway, enough of my current status. This entry is the continuation of our Ho Chi Minh City trip. 


Remnants of War. If you're into musems, you will have a great time here. I am not a museum type but I can say that I had an interesting time well spent in this premise. Hubby was too eager to see the photographs on the wall as well as the unexploded grenades and bombs. I am aware of the gruesome reality of wars but there is always something more into it.


The gate is where you pay for the ticket worth 2,000 Vietnam Dong. Armory displayed in and outside of the building. Outside are where all the helicopters and war tanks are. With a nice coffee shop on its side before you walk out of the premise. Once you stepped inside the building there are all kinds of collective pieces of papers like books, posters and souvenirs of all sorts are sold. 


A three-tiered building with fascinating collections of military hardware. Each of the corners were exhibits of war paraphernalia, the incredible photos of warfare but rather sobering and as they say, the American war atrocities true stories.


This is agent orange in a missile.

What's interesting in this museum for me is the story of Agent Orange whereas the walls reflects orange lights. It is like a bio warfare used by Americans to destroy the Vietnamese. It's not the soldiers that you will be more concerned about. It's the innocent people who catched all the hatred of the so-called enemies. Agent orange is mixture of chemicals with a soul purpose of endangering someone else's life. Not just human but including plants and animals. It was all devastation if you see the photos. After all the years have passed after the war, the effect of agent orange was still there. Residents were the one who suffered from the diseases like skin abnormalities and unlikeable genetic mutations. Affected babies were mostly posted in the walls and it was heartbreaking to think of war itself.


It's not the time of playing blaming game now. War is something we don't need. (Affected pa rin hanggang ngayon!)

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