Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Hotel Review: Alcove Hotel - Ho Chi Minh City


I've always loved boutique hotels. Aside from not being grand and huge, it's as simple and as chic. Yeah, sometimes we go le chic! 

Alcove hotel matched my Google search for a couple of minutes of realizing I want a boutique style, of course there were a couple of others, I chose this because I love it's interior from the photos as well as the books in the receiving area. I'm not a bookworm though, to those who are, check this out!

Cool eh?!

The hotel is situated in a small neighborhood in between low-rise buildings but has a short distance passage way to the city. Once passed a couple of houses like 100m, you will see all the establishments that you might possibly need from grocery stores and restaurants. Even a small fruit vendor, we loved to get a fruit shake for 2 consecutive nights. The sugar was just right and I loved the sour sop and avocado shake.

The lobby.


Here's the room and accessories such as soap and shampoo. Sometimes we don't get to use them since we always bring our travel packs with our preferred brands. This room is their deluxe and it's the cheapest one but as you can see, it's very decent. The hallway is clean especially the room and bathroom.


They call their restaurant, the Bookmark. They reserve dinner dates for your special occasions. 


Free Breakfast: Though theere's not much to choose from since this is a small hotel.  There are like 3 menu available for breakfast which include their "pambansang meal" authentic vietnamese beef noodles, omelette, scrambled or sunny side up. Dry noodles. Congee. All three comes with drinks to choose from: coffee, milk or juice. 3 kinds of sliced fruits like dragon fruit, banana and watermelon that comes with the best-tasting yogurt I've tasted in my whole life. I wasn't exaggerating, it was the best yogurt but it's home-made.


No issue with the heater nor the air conditioning. The staff were very friendly and approachable. You've got to see this hotel. It's conveniently near the airport and economical!