Saturday, March 5, 2016

Fortune Island, Nasugbu Batangas

Enthralled by Lakwatserongsulit's blog post about the island. I pursued myself and several friends to tag along on my impending trip. Was able to ask a friend for his car while he is away.


One of the perfect date's to catch the sun and the beach together, it was the month of March. We were 7 in the group and I didn't have to do much since I was still in Singapore. I was able to feed important information along the process but It was RB who found the boatman, Contact Mang Dante +63939489-5292


We were charged 3500Php to and from the island, but decided not to spend the night. We left Manila about 3am since we wanted it badly to get there early. True enough, we were there at the island first! Arrived before 7am, it wasn't long before we realised there was another group coming to the island. By noon time, people were scattered around the island.


By arriving first, this is where the best part of the island goes. We owned the back part where you have to climb and down below is a small cliff like 6-meter drop. We spent the half day there by just jumping and diving over again. When we got tired, it was time for the lunch. Lunch cost 150Php of your choice from chicken, pork and tilapia. Packed in a banana leaf. Since the island is just more than 30mins from where we left off, Mang Dante and crew went to get the packed lunch before noon.



I suggest you explore this part at the earliest when the water is calm because when it approaches lunchtime water will be rough. It won't be safe to dive in.

pardon the bilbil part


After lunch, explore more at the Greece-y part of the island, took some group photos and swam and snorkel the beach front. I didn't expect much before but when I laid my eyes on this island, I was bewitched. The sand was obviously granular unlike of Boracay's but it was white. This place was said to have rented for 5 years by the Korean's to a politician named Leviste for diving purposes. There was an old but huge cottage there lying that seemed to be intentionally wiped out or by storm. In fact, every structure there were damaged except for the lighthouse of course for its serves its purpose on the island itself. There was also a huge dismantled boat, not sure if it was also wiped out or unfinished.


As soon as we roamed the island we bravely climbed up to see the lighthouse. There's nothing much to see but with that kind of weather, It was really hot and you better make sure you bring a bottle of water with you when you climb. You will see the lighthouse within 30 minutes or so. No need for a guide, the locals had a blue colored rope in there to guide you through the course.


Around 5pm, we decided it was time to go. Please bring your thrash when you leave and dispose at the proper bin when you reach Nasugbu.


Expenses for this trip:
Bangka - 3500 for 7
Food - 150 lunch
Island entrance fee - 300
Miscellaneous - Food

Thank you Ron, Ya, Jr, Mandel, Lyn, Rina, Kim

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