Monday, August 1, 2016

Torstein Ivar de la Cruz - Welcoming this precious blessing!

It's been three months of another hiatus in a wonderful motherhood. I cant believe it has finally happened and I didn't even know I am capable of bearing a child. I must say, its true what they say. It seems my family has been completed by this baby boy.


May 14th, 2016 caesarian section. I was ditching the CS expert OB-Gyne eversince I arrived in our hometown hoping I could deliver normal. It was normal at first but since my BP has been going bad, Doctor has tried to induce me for an overnight stay in BRTTH where she is a resident consultant. It was a public hospital, I saw every several mothers shouted in pain and even one screaming, literally throwing tantrums like a kid on the floor. Shouted, she can't do it anymore. I didn't feel scared, I was confident I can deliver normal because I feel like I have a high tolerance of pain. Well, I wouldn't know, I never had a chance to prove it. I had a second OB, first Doctor had to refer me over because she is going out of town on my expected delivery date. The moment I told her I had a headache and high BP she said, go to the hospital now and I will have you deliver today (May 14th). That time, I felt being nervous! Truth be told, my precious little boy was born 10:30pm. I saw him right after they pulled him out of me. The doctor said, here's your baby boy and he's a big one at 3.9kg! I had a glance for I am still nauseous with the anaesthesia.

IMG_9172 copy

I think I'd be posting more of baby photos. 
Maybe get baby product reviews? Haha! Yes, I definitely have one in mind.😁
Travel posts? Yes, I promise i have a lot of backlogs. Trabaho teh? Next stop on my blog is Mount Bromo. 
We are hoping to add more trips this coming year. Thanks for dropping by! 😁

Torsteins candles

Graphics not mine, personal use on my baby's baptismal.
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